Napster 3 Month Trial offer for $1 in Canada

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Enjoy Napster for 3 months with their trial offer for only $1! If you have downloaded music (illegally) in the late 90’s you must have heard of Napster. Napster was the primary way to download music of all genres. Back when Napster wad first launched people could “share” music using a simple user-friendly program to easily download music and other media files for free.

After a few legal struggles in the courtroom regarding copyright infringement cases, Napster took another approach to sharing music online by becoming a subscription based service. Napster was once bought out by Best Buy until it was sold to Rhapsody in 2011. Napster is now part of Rhapsody and offers a music streaming service for users within the United States. So, if you were to go to you would be redirected to Rhapsody. On the page itself, you will see message that says: “Napster has joined Rhapsody”.

However, Napster is still active but only in Canada. Napster services are much different then it once was. Now, they offer music streaming on multiple devices and offer premium features like offline listening, ad-free experience and high quality playback. With a large collection of titles to choose from it can be compared to other music streaming services like Spotify.

The streaming service is available on android, iOS and Windows phones, along with computers and third party streaming devices such as, Sonos and Chromecast.

Napster also caters to children with a feature called Napster KIDS. This allows the little ones the ability to become the DJ by playing soundtracks from popular children’s movies like Frozen.

If you are interested in Napster you can start your 3 month trail for only $1 by clicking here.

The $1 Trial Offer

This offer is a tad different from all the other deals on For one, this isn’t a free trial. It’s trial offer that cost $1. If you are interested in Napster, you can head over here for the 3 month trial deal. Once you have signed up you will be charged $1 CAD for a 3 month subscription plan. Once the 90 day period is over, you will be charged the regular amount of $9.99 CAD. Like I mentioned before, this offer is only valid for users within Canada. Also, you will need credit card or debit card to subscribe for Napster. Luckily, Napster has the option to pay with Paypal as well.

I like to save people money by blogging about free trials, premium offers and deals on various online services across the web.

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