How to Use Media Hint for Free Without Paying for a Subscription

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Media Hint WAS a FREE extension for Chrome and Firefox that gave users access to websites that was once only permitted to be visited within specific countries. However, Media Hint is no longer providing the extension/service for free. So, I’ll be showing you a method that will allow you to use Media Hint for free without paying for a subscription.

What does Media Hint Do?

The extension allows users outside of the U.S or U.K access to sites that would normally restrict the users based on their location. With Media Hint you would be able unblock video and music streaming services, news sites and social media networks. You can watch videos from Hulu, Netflix, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central, MTV and many more without any restrictions. Users can also access social media networks that are blocked in their country like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Basically, the simple extension allows you access to sites without the need to change your IP address.

Unfortunately, Media Hint is no longer free.

The extension was fast, easy to install, worked in the background without any delays or interruptions, but most importantly, it was free. Media Hint continues to provide their awesome service, but with a monthly fee. About 10 months ago, they decided to start charging for the use of their extension. Users either paid up front or looked for another service.

They upgraded the browser extension with all the bells and whistles. The newly improved extension also works with multiple devices. Some of the devices include iPhones, Android phones, Chromecast, Boxee, PlayStation 3 and many more.

Media Hint free Trial

Before I talk about the method to access Media Hint for free, I wanted to mention the free trial they offer. The trial is for 7 days and does not require a credit card.

All you have to do is register/sign up using your email address or one of your social networking accounts.

After you have created an account, you will have to Skip step 1, which is putting your credit card information. This page is kinda tricky. The steps that are given illustrate that the user should fill in their credit card information, however, you can simply jump straight to step 2 and install the extension to your browser. mediahint Account page

After the trial period the extension will no longer work. You will need to subscribe to Media Hints monthly or yearly plan. Or, you can use the method below for full access without spending a penny.

Method: How to use Media Hint for free

I’m going to explain this method as simple as I can. Just follow the steps and you should be good to go. I will be showing this method for Google Chrome on Windows Computer.

  1. Download this .crx file. (This is an old version of Media Hint extension for Google Chrome.)
  2. Open up Google Chrome if you haven’t already and head over to the extension page –  chrome://extensions/
  3. On the very top of the page there will be a check box that says Developer Mode. Check this box.
  4. Now, simply locate the .crx file you had downloaded and drag and drop it into the extension page.
  5. The extension will install and you should see Media Hint.

Check out this YouTube video for a solution for Macs.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is only a temporary solution. Once you close Google Chrome and reopen it you will get a notification that “Google does not allow third-party extensions”. If you do receive this notification simply repeat the steps. IT IS ADVISED you subscribe to Media Hint for the official extension.

Credit for the method goes to Krpelj on Reddit.

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