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Lumosity is the number 1 brain training program on the web. With fun brain games and brain training exercises, Lumosity stimulates the mind for a brighter life. Using their deeply personalized training, users can expect to improve their memory, speed, attention, flexibility and problem solving skills vastly in a number of weeks. Simply put – Lumosity turns neuroscience breakthroughs into fun. Lumosity offers a free trial in which new users can play brain training games and exercises for free. This allows anyone who wants to try out their service the ability to interact with the games and see how it can improve their brain function.

What do they offer and how can it help me?

Neuroplasticity is the ability to strengthen and grow your brain and that is exactly what Lumosity helps you do. However, they help you improve your memory and problem solving skill with fun games. With deeply personalized training you can select a program that adapts to fit your brain and goals. Scientists working for Lumosity have designed games to help improve core cognitive functions. As a members you can also tack your progress using their tools and see how your brain has improved.

How do I get started?

First you have to build your personalized training program by selecting all aspects of your brain that you want to improve. Each section is broken down in to the following groups: memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving. Simply click on the aspects you want to improve in each group.

Building your personalized training program.

Once you have completed creating your personalized training program you can start having fun by playing games that are offered during that day. Every day you will have a new selection of games that will help you reach your goals. On your dashboard you can see your progress in BPI (brain progress index), training history and Lumosity points. Some games won't be accessible and will be labeled as "locked". Unless you have subscribe to Lumosity membership many of the games will not be available.

How much does it cost?

There are multiple plans you can select from which are listed below.

  • FREE to join – Limited access to games and exercises. 
  • Monthly – $14.95/month
  • Yearly – $6.00/month
  • Two Year – $4.50/month
  • Lifetime – $269.96 (One time payment)


Free Trial?

The free trial offer from Lumosity lets new users play games and exercises to build and improve your brain. However, the free membership does have some restrictions. With the free trial account you will NOT have personalized training complete access to 35+ games and full access too performance tracking. There is no trial period on this offer, this is a simple offer of a free account to Lumosity with limited access to the premium features. You will NOT need a credit card to sign for this specific trial.

Click here for the Lumosity Free Trial.

Offer Summary.

  • Offer: Lumosity
  • Cost: FREE to join
  • Credit card needed: No
  • Available: Worldwide

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    • Hey Marilyn,

      The link is in the article but there is no special link to get the free trial offer from Lumosity. Just head over to their website and you will be able to sign up for a free Lumosity account which is limited. This means you won’t have full access to their service and features such as their games and quizzes unless you pay for a subscription.

      Hope that helps.

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