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Update: LOVEFiLM was bought out by Amazon in 2011 and has discontinued its TV and movie streaming service. Instead, users on LOVEFIlm can watch movies through Amazon Prime Instant Video. The DVD and Blu-ray rental still exists but is only available in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Lovefilm did offer a 14 day free trial but that has been replaced by Amazons 30 day trial offer which includes other perks like free 2 day shipping on products along with their movie and TV show streaming service.
Amazon purchased LOVEFiLM in the beginning of 2011 and has made the website available to larger audience in Europe. LOVEFiLM is now Amazon Prime instant Video which is on on-demand movie and TV show streaming service. Amazon Video does come with 30 free trial, so you will be able to test out their service before you buy a subscription. If you have an internet connection you can start streaming movies and TV shows instantly, today!

LOVEFiLM Free Trial Details

Since LOVEFiLM no longer offers their free trial, these details will be more about Amazon Prime instant video. To receive the 30 day free trial, you will need a credit card. Once you have registered and subscribed to Amazon Prime instant video you can start streaming TV shows and movies immediately. After the 30 day period you will be charged for £79 for the full year. If you sign up for an account with Amazon Video but decide to cancel the subscription within the 30 day period, you will not be charged.

Also, with an account on Amazon, you still have the option to rent DVDs and Blu-rays for an extra £6.99 a month. This option is called LOVEFiLM by post. So on top of the yearly payment of £79 you will also billed monthly for £6.99.


Like I mentioned above, LOVEFiLM still offers DVD plan through Amazon. Meaning, you can still rent DVDs and Blu-rays and have them sent straight to your door. This system works very similar to Gamefly. Once you receive the rentals, you can enjoy them at your leisure. Once you’re done, you can simply send them back in a pre-paid postage that is provided to you. LOVEFiLM by post cost £8.99 and you will be able rent out 4 discs a month. The plan does not offer any other services. If you decide to get Amazon Prime, LOVEFiLM by post will only cost an addition £6.99 a month.

If you would rather stream your movies and TV shows, you can always sign up for Amazon Prime. There are a ton of benefits of Amazon prime which you can read more about them here. The option of using Amazon Prime is also cheaper at £79 a year.

Is it worth it?

Since LOVEFiLM is technically Amazon Prime Video, I would say yes, it is worth it. Before Amazon bought them out, LOVEFiLM was still running with an out-dated system – DVDs by mail. They were making the transition into providing streaming content when Amazon bought them out but only after they combined both service and rebranded LOVEFiLM as Amazon Prime is when users got the most out of their money.

When renting discs you have the option to watch the shows at your leisure. On top of that there are no late fees and you will be able to rent 4 discs a month. However, signing up when on Amazon Video subscription plan, you will be paying less and getting more. You will receive the option to rent out discs and watch premium streaming content through multiple devices.

However, if you decide you’d rather rent discs you’ll be happy to know that they have over 70,000 titles to choose from.

Most users of LOVEFiLM are in Europe and so having the ability to interact with movies and TV shows through the Amazon App which is much more convenient than logging into your account through your laptop and then either choosing a movie to be sent out or watch straight on your screen.

Offer Summary:

  • Offer: Lovefilm/AMAZON Prime Video
  • Cost: Free Trial (30 Days)
  • Credit Card Needed: Yes (Will not be charged during the trial period)
  • Available in: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway
  • Expires: N/A

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