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If you are looking to share your screen or carry an online meeting then is your answer. Pro provides screen sharing and online meeting services along with other powerful tools that can be used to showcase demos, train colleagues, hold webinars, conduct a presentations or just help people. The business was created by the software company, LogMeIn, which is used to access and manage computers remotely. Pro is also accompanied with a trial offer for 14 days.

There are two versions of, a free version and the Pro. The free version has its benefits, but the Pro has a list of premium features that the free version does not.

How do I use 

  1. To start a meeting go to and click the Share button (the orange play icon). Once you have clicked the icon you will begin to download the application needed to kickoff a meeting.
  2. Locate the downloaded file and run the application by following the instructions. By clicking “run” the application will automatically start. There is no need to fully install the application on your operating system.
  3. From this point you will see a small toolbar on top of your screen. This toolbar is used to manage and conduct the meeting with the various features. You can now broadcast your screen with others.

What are the features on the Toolbar? Toolbar

  • Broadcast: When the application is opened, your screen will be broadcasting. However, no one would be able to view your screen without sending them a viewer link. To pause or share the broadcast, click on the icon in the center of the toolbar.
  • Link: On the toolbar you will notice a URL link. This is a viewer link which is used to invite others to the meeting. Simply click on the code to copy to the clipboard or email to others.
  • Free internet calling: Click on the phone icon to call via internet or by phone. You can join the conference by us the international number or simply connect through your internet. The options to disconnect from the call, mute and adjust your audio settings are provided as well.
  • Chat: To chat with participants click on the conversation bubble icon. You can message everyone at once or message individuals privately.
  • Participants: To see a list of participants click on the silhouette icon. On this field you can enter in your name to identify yourself. You can also give the viewers control over your screen, transfer a file or expel them from a meeting.
  • Control: Give access to your screen by selecting the mouse icon.


On the free plan you can conduct a meeting up to 10 participants, share your screen, make calls through the internet, present multi-monitors, chat with meeting attendees, share access to controls and send files. You can also attend meetings through the app on Android phones, iPhones and iPads.

On the Pro plan you can expect everything from the free version plus various other premium features. Pro users can conduct a meeting up to 250 participants, annotate on screen, swap presenters, schedule meetings, record the meeting and many other features. As a Pro user you can also start a meeting on your iPad unlike free users.

The video below breaks down how to use the Pro.


Pricing for the Pro plan can cost $13 a month per presenter which is billed on a yearly basis. In total it would cost $156 plus tax. However, if you like to be billed month to month you will have pay $19 a month per presenter, plus tax.

What is needed to use

When it comes to the technical requirements not much is needed. To use you must use one these Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox accompanied by Flash Player 10.


In some cases when you open up you will be automatically upgraded to Pro. You will see the following message: You’ve been upgraded. For this meeting you’re going Pro. On us. Enjoy these and other premium features.

Pro Upgrade

Trial offer

The free trial for the Pro plan will last for 14 days. There is no credit card needed. Once the trial period has come to a end, you will be downgraded to the free version.


I have personally used to assist family and friends with various problems they’ve had on their computers. Having the ability to view their screen and talk them through tasks was accomplished with ease. I would recommend using the free version to test out the meeting tools and screen sharing capabilities. If you are looking for a service to hold online meetings or webinars with more than 10 people I would suggest you try the Pro version for free and see if it meets your needs. The good thing about free trial offer is that a credit card is not needed to register for an account.

Questions I asked the Company.

I had emailed using their contact form a few days back regarding a few questions I had for them about their services. Below you well see two questions I asked and their response.

1. What are some features users can expect in the future on the PRO version?

We’ve added a lot of features this past year, like annotation and screen recording. Regarding the future, of course we never like to commit to something, but we are incorporating better upload screen sharing rates, as well some things that our users have been requesting is outlook integration and video conferencing. Again,w e cannot commit to any feature additions today but these are things we’re interested in.

2. Why should consumers use over GoToMeeting?

Regarding how we compare to GoTo, well there’s quite a bit. First off, there’s no download from the participants standpoint- so you can join easily and instantly. Additionally, our meeting cap is 250 participants which is significantly higher than GoTo’s. Finally we’re about 1/3 of the cost, at only $149/presenter.

I like to save people money by blogging about free trials, premium offers and deals on various online services across the web.

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