Is Spotifys iPad App Coming Soon?

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Spotify could possibly be releasing their iPad app soon according to Instrgram photo taken and posted by a Swedish consulting company. The Instagram picture was captioned with the following: 

[blockquote]It’s getting closer![/blockquote]

Spotify iPad App Photo

The picture isn’t that clear but from the details it seems to have grids, tabs, search feature, playlists, friends tab, a inbox and a clean and sleek design. There is no word as of yet when the app will be released but from the looks of it the app will be coming soon.

If your not familiar with Spotify its simply a new way to listen to music. Spotify is a on-demand music site which allows you to stream music, share the music you love, create playlists and download music on the go (Premium users). You can try out Spotify premium with their free trial offer which can be found here.

via: The Verge

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