iPad gets Netflix Just for Kids (Video)

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Netflix has released the update for their iPad app which features “Netflix Just for Kids”. Just for kids has series of movies, shows and cartoons that are catered towards children 12 and under. Prior to the update members were only able watch Dora the explorer, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Rugrats and a bunch of other kids shows and movies either online (laptop/computer) or on a TV via a media device or console.

But now Just for Kids is going mobile and David Watson – Director of Product Innovation for kids and families at Netflix is introducing the new experience on the iPad in the video below. The interface was especially designed for children which would make navigating through various shows and movies easy. You can easily navigate to a show you like to watch by choosing a character or picking a category. You can rest assure that all the content on this section is safe for children to watch.

If you’d like to get access to Netflix Just for kids you would need a membership. Don’t have one? Try out the 30 day free trial offer and watch endless amount of movies and shows of all genres.

Source: Netflix blog

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