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With the iContact free trial offer, you will be able to use social media and emailing marketing software that allows you to develop stronger relationships with your customers and visitors. iContact offers a 30 day free trial that will allow you to explore their website and features for free.

iContact was created in 2003 and currently has over 70,000 customers and 1,000,00 users. With iContact services customers would be able to manage and run their own marketing campaign with email and social media services. Their software lets users create and track their email and social media messages to their customers. With iContact you can compose beautiful emails with the hundreds of templates that are available to them. They will also allow you to post social media content which are drafted and composed in one convenient location.

This premium email and social networking software has reporting tools that will allow you to keep up with what is going on with your website and the emails that you send. With iContact you will be able to know who you talk too and what emails or drafts you composed and sent. They also offer marketing experts that will help you set up campaigns and will answer any questions you have related to their software, services, technical support, setup process and more. If you are unsure or want to expand they will get you the answers you seek. They offer tech support 100% completely free during your free trial.

With their social media marketing page that they have just added as a part of their packages on the free trial, you can post directly to Facebook and Twitter with one simple dashboard. You can schedule your Facebook and Twitter updates to go live at anytime of day or night, even when your asleep. You will be able to add images to your posts and preview and edit content before it is posted. You can automatically shorten your links for your profile, track the likes, tweets, and add Google + as well. You will also be able to link multiple Facebook and Twitter pages through your iConatct account. They also offer in your 30 day free trial on features like enterprise solutions, high volume sending, an agency program, HTML conversion, list uploading, rapid email sending and more.


Free Trial Details:

The sign up part is easy as well. Just sign up with their free online form under the 30 day free trial button. There is no credit card information taken. At the end of the 30 days they will simply ask if you want to continue with the subscription or if you wish to end it there. If you wish to continue then simply submit your information and they will help you sign up for the package of your choice. After the 30 day trial, you can choose from subscriptions that start as low as $14.00 a month and go up to $47.00 a month.  You can also contact the sales force if you wish to order before your 30 day free trial is up. Icontact will help you advance your social media and marketing strategies through their services so try out the iContact offer today.


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Offer Summary:

  • Offer: iContact
  • Cost: FREE for 30 days
  • Available in: Worldwide
  • Expires: N/A

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