Huluboratory: Hulu Plus Super Bowl Ad

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Hulu has aired their 30 second Super Bowl ad featuring Will Arnett and his $3000 suit. In the commercial, Will Arnett enters the Huluboratory which is where Hulu apparently invents the things that drive TV into the squishy eager folds of our brain.

Just this past week Hulu had released a teaser clip of their Super Bowl commercial and now that the Giants have won Super Bowl 46 (congrats) the full commercial is online and ready to be shared around the web. The Hulu Plus advertisement follows with their usual odd commercial slogan but with a twist:

Hulu reveals the Evil(er) Plot To Destroy The World with Hulu Plus.

Apparently the commercial cost Hulu $3.5 million to air the 30 second clip during the Super Bowl. – Do you think the commercial was worth the money? 

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