Hulu Signs a Deal with The CW

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Hulu has signed a five year agreement with The CW network which will allow users to watch hit shows like: Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle and many more. On the latest update on the Hulu Blog, Hulu has announced a five year contact that will bring CW shows to the Hulu streaming service later this year.

It hasn’t been precise when CW will be streaming their shows but it will most likely be next year when they also launch Hulu Plus on Nintendo consoles.

The CW agreement will bring the only subscription service to offer next-day access to current CW shows.  With this new agreement users of Hulu and Hulu Plus can enjoy current season episodes from 5 major TV broadcast companies. Hulu will have over 42,000 full episodes of the current and old seasons by the end of the year.

With the major new devolpments of Hulu services its only a matter of time before Netflix announces something similar.

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