Hulu Plus is Available on Nintendo’s Wii U

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Nintendo’s Wii U console was released earlier this week and it came with a twist called the “Gamepad”. This new gaming gadget from Nintendo has two main components that make the $300 gaming console (white version – 8 GB) unique as they come. The Gamepad has a 6.2 inch screen, stylist, microphone, tilt sensor, camera and a controller all built into one. The Gamepad is not just an awesome controller but it can also be used as a universal TV control, an internet browser and media viewer.

This dual-screen experience is intended to make gaming and media more interactive. Not only can you play Mario Bros in HD but you can also view your favorite TV shows and Movies through Hulu Plus.

The combination of Hulu Plus and the Nintendo Wii U makes viewing your favorite shows simple. You can jump from watching on the big screen (TV) to continuing to watch it on the Gamepad with a simple tap on the screen. Using the Gamepad you can navigate, search, read, click and play through the collection of TV shows and movies on Hulu Plus. As you browse on Hulu Plus you can see more information about the selection on the Gamepad. During playback the Gamepad displays the timeline and options. If you tap on the screen you can use captions, toggle autoplay, change the video quality or use the 10 second rewind. Using the joystick you can easily rewind or fast forward the video. So if you have the Nintendo Wii U check out the Hulu Plus app and start streaming your favorite shows.

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