Hulu Face Match Instantly shows Actors Information

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Have you ever watched a TV show and wonder what the actors name was? Well, Hulu can help you out with there futuristic face recognition engine called Face Match. Face Match instantly shows the actors information in a neat-looking info box next to the actors face. Face Match provides you with the actors name, when they were born, the biggest roles they had on TV or movies and links to their personal twitter and facebook


Face Match is pretty simple to use, all you have to do is hover over the characters face with your mouse and the video will automatically be paused. From there a box will pop up giving all the information you need on the actor. This would basically give you the same information as IMDB or Wikipedia but much quicker. When your in the middle of watching a show, a quick box of the actors information can be very helpful.

Hulu labs will be working on adding Face Match to more shows in the future but for now Face Match is limited to the following shows: Glee, Modern Family, LOST, Wilfred and The Office. If you ever wondered what the future of television would be like? This is pretty close.

Via: Hulu Blog

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