How to Watch Hulu in Canada or Anywhere in the World (Step by Step Instructions)

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Hulu is one the most popular TV and movie streaming services on the web. Watching hit shows like Family Guy, Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, Glee, Greys Anatomy, Revenge and many others is easily accessed through Hulu with a few clicks. Hulu is available in the United States and in a select few counties but unfortunately its not not available in Canada. However there is simple way you can watch Hulu in Canada or anywhere else in the world without changing your IP address or using IP-hiding software.

Hulu videos are not accessible in most countries and restrict visitors from viewing their video library. If you can’t watch any videos on Hulu you will most likely see this message which is in the image found below.

Hulu Not Available in Canada

The message can simply be summed up by saying that Hulu is working on obtaining international streaming rights but for now you won’t be able to watch any of the content in their video library.

But with a fairly new browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you can watch videos on Hulu from anywhere. The extension/addon is called Media Hint. 

“This extension allows you to access Internet media streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora from anywhere. No additional set-up required. Install extension and you are ready to go.”

This extension will not slow down your internet what-so-ever. There is no extension icon that is visible on your browser, it simply runs in the background with little or no interference with your browsing experience.

So here is how you can watch Hulu TV shows and movies in Canada or anywhere in the world.

Requirements – Must have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser.

  1. Open up your browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  2. Go to Media Hint Website:
  3. Click on the red button that says “Start Using”
  4. Once you click on the button it should direct you to the Media Hint extension page on the Chrome web store or the Firefox extensions section.
  5. Click “Add to Chrome” (for Google Chrome) or “Install” (for Firefox).
  6. Once the extension has been installed simply restart your browser and head to
  7. You should no longer see the restriction message on the homepage of You can now watch TV shows and movies on Hulu in Canada or anywhere else in the world.


The Media Hint extension is no longer free. You would either have to subscribe to their monthly plan or use this loophole method that is easy to follow. You can still watch Hulu in Canada but it will just be a little bit more difficult. Follow the necessary steps HERE to start watching Hulu free in Canada, without the need for VPN service.

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8 Comments to How to Watch Hulu in Canada or Anywhere in the World (Step by Step Instructions)

  1. Oliver Tate

    Thanks for the great post! I use to use but their servers seem to be slowing down. I switched to They have a free trial that you can test out their speeds. They are smaller which means less crowded servers.

    • Mark Jackson

      This is great!! just switched to as well. The benefit is now i can also surf using my iPad and android phone with full access to US content. Thanks Oliver *thumbs up*

  2. PlzTellMeWhy

    tried it.. it installed but i still got the “sorry” message. even tried restarting the computer, but it’s still a no-go.. What gives?

    • Hey there,

      Sometimes if you are using a VPN it can conflict with the extension. Also, make sure the extension is properly installed. I would suggest you uninstall it and install it back. If you need some instructions on how to add the extension to your browser you can check here:

      Let me know if the problem still is present.

  3. Vito Caputo

    If I’m in the US… will this extension get me past a similar barrier for the BBC website? If not… does something exist that will allow it?

  4. Vito Caputo

    Is there something similar so that someone in the US could view the country restricted BBC content?

    • The only thing I can suggest is a VPN service however that may cost you a monthly fee depending on the service you subscribe too. But from what I know, I believe you can use this extension (media hint) to watch BBC shows regardless of your location.

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