How to Manage Your Money Online for Free with Mint

If your looking to manage your money, organize your bills, keep track of your credit cards and payments then is the all-in-one online personal finance management service that you’ve been looking for. The great aspect of Mint is that their service is free! There are plenty of online money management tools that offer similar services but most of them cost a monthly subscription fee which can put a burden on your wallet. With Mint you can simply sign up and retrieve all your financial information and view them in one place. Your savings, checking, investments, auto, insurance and mortgage can be laid out in a visually pleasing way so you get the entire picture of where your money goes and how you can save. You can also set a budget and make sure you reach your financial goals

Connecting your various accounts, bills and other expenses is simple and only takes a few steps. Once all your financial information is in front of you, can have a better understanding where your money is going and how to manage your finances. With over 10 million users you can be sure that Mint well help you organize, track and manage your finances with ease.

Is the service free? is 100% free. The only way the service makes money is if a user switches to a new bank or company. When this action takes place, they receive a small fee. This is how obtains their services and remains free to all users.

How can Mint help me? 

You can learn how to manage your money online for free with the help of Mint. The service simply makes your life easier. If you have a hard time managing your money or organizing your bills and accounts then the tools that are offered can help you. Mint quickly and securely pulls up all your information and organizes it for you. You can see all your accounts in one place. Mint will also automatically keep them up to date. You can also check your accounts and receive alerts of any suspicious activity from anywhere at anytime. Mint shows where your money goes and categorizes your expenses so you can keep track of how much and where your spending. Based on your spending history, Mint can create a budget in seconds. The services also showcases personal recommendations on how to save money. This will allow the users to spend smarter and manage money with simplicity.

How secure is my information?

Keeping your personal and financial information secure is something you always have to keep in mind, especially online. Mint uses bank-level security and also alerts you of any transactions that may be fraudulent. Mint uses 128-bit encryption and physical security at their servers so you can rest your mind at ease. Also, no one can ever move you money since Mint is a “read only” service. This means you can only view your finances but can not transfer any funds in or out of you accounts.

If you have any concerns about your information or any questions regarding security there are customer services representatives that are available to assist you 24/7.

What are the features and tools that Mint offers?

Below is a list of all the features and tools that the premium money management service provides to all its users.

  • Alerts – Mint provides alerts whenever you get charged a fee or there is suspicious activity on your accounts.
  • Notifications – Get a text message to your phone or a email notifying you of any upcoming bill payments, over spending, low balances and overall credit updates. The notifications can be adjusted by the users preference.
  • Budgeting – You can easily set budgets to reach your financial goals.
  • Organization – Your expenses are organized and categorized in a way that is simply understood.
  • Graphs and charts – You can manage your money easier with visual elements that break down your expenses and spending habits.
  • Instant Savings – Using unbiased personal recommendation you can rest assure that Mint can help you save money when it comes to home loans, credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Bill Reminder – With this tool you can get a notification to your phone that you have upcoming bill payments. You can also keep track of all your bills and their due dates in one place.
  • Mint App – The Mint app is offered on both Apple and Android devices. All accounts and information is easily accessible on the go, at any time.

If you still unclear of what Mint can do for you check out the 90 second video below.

Understand your finances and learn to manage it with the help of Mint. Start today for free by following this linkl.

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