How to Increase Your IQ Online for Free

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Ever wonder if you could increase your IQ? Or a better question would be: is it even possible to increase your IQ at all. Well the short answer is yes, you can improve your IQ. Whether you’re young or old, “dumb” or “smart” you can increase your IQ level online for free using various tools and games. Yes, I said games!

Intelligence Quotient aka IQ is a score that is determined by the subjects cognitive ability. Improving your brain cognitive ability takes time and practice. Luckily there are services like Lumosity that is dedicated to help strengthen your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving skills. Basically Lumosity is an online brain training service.

Skills that you can improve on to increase you IQ with the help of Lumosity.

Whether you have a hard time associating names with faces or keeping track of information in your mind you will see significant developments to your memory. When it comes to improving your attention Lumosity can aid in problems involving distractions, dividing attention between multiple tasks, and quickly understanding patterns.

Another aspect of increasing your IQ involves speed. For example, if you have problems quickly recalling a name, address, phone number or a specific piece of information brain training games can help you enhance your speed. Flexibility is also important to the development of you IQ. How efficiently do you switch between tasks or how well can you find words from your mental vocabulary? With various brain games you can upgrade your flexibility skills.

Problem solving is vital to how high or low you may score on a IQ test. With Lumosity you can increase your chances of a higher score by simply playing games that involve problem solving tactics. If you struggle with calculating numbers in your head or making accurate estimations then the problem solving games on Lumosity can help with that.

Be aware of online IQ Tests

First, you should find out what your exact IQ level is, this way you can determine whether or not you have improved your intelligence. There are numerous amounts of websites that claim that they can test your IQ by taking a simple multiple choice quiz, however, many of these sites are not credible and lack the proper questions to give you an accurate score.

An official IQ test well measure your ability to complete tasks involving spatial, math, memory and language. I would check out the Mensa test, it’s not an official IQ test but it will measure whether or not you could pass the Mensa test. If you’re not familiar with Mensa it could be summed up as a club for geniuses. Give it a try if you believe you are in a higher end of the spectrum. If you believe you have an average intelligence then try taking a Mensa workout – which is quiz to help get to the level of other intellectual wonders.

The reason I won’t list any “official” IQ test websites in this article is because there isn’t one. Many of these sites can be VERY inaccurate. One of the major flaws that they have is that the score can be manipulated by the testers ability to finish the test as quickly as possible. The faster you complete the test the higher the score. It also doesn’t matter if you get 25-35% of test wrong, as long as you finish in quick manner you can have potential high IQ score to show off to your friends. Also, these tests questions are multiple choice unlike an official test which is another flaw.

Increase your Intelligence with Lumosity

The average human has the IQ of 90 to 110. The standardized scale is a median of a 100. Albert Einsteins had an IQ of 160 and Bobby Fisher the famous chess player had an estimated score of 187. Now you may be genius and if you are you probably don’t need any games to help your cognitive ability but if you’re not genius you probably should give Lumosity a try.

You can’t measure your IQ with Lumosity but you can see the improvements you’ve made with their point system.

I also mention that you can improve your IQ for “Free” and I wasn’t pulling you along for no reason. With Lumosity you can enjoy a few of their brain training games at no cost. Many of these games will be challenging but fun.

There various other services online that can also help in increasing your intelligence but Lumosity is the most fun. I have used it in the past and found the games to be very challenging but addictive.

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