How to get Free Advertising Vouchers for Google, Bing and Facebook

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Getting advertising vouchers for free are hard to come by. But I have scrapped together a large group of links that will help you get free credits from Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. If you own an online business, a website or you’re thinking of planning to sell a product/service on the web then you probably thought about online advertising. If you have, and you have done your research you’ve probably figured out that advertising online isn’t cheap. In fact, depending on what you are promoting you can spend well over a $100 a day.

If you are not a professional advertiser that knows the realms of the keyword cost, marketing techniques or luring titles then jumping into the world of PPC (pay-per-click) is not going to be easy.

Fortunately, there is a way you can get free advertising vouchers and start marketing online without wasting your money. You can even use these vouchers to get more space on Dropbox by applying this unique method mentioned here. But first let me list all the reasons why PPC advertising is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get eyes on your website/product/service.

How PPC Advertising works:

You create an ad (text or image) which is automatically placed on websites that has relevant content to what you are promoting. Visitors click on your ad and visit your website. That’s the gist of it. There is a lot more detail that goes into PPC campaigns but it can be summed up in those 3 steps.

Learn how to get Free Advertising from Google, Bing and Facebook

You can get anywhere from $25 to $200 of free credit for any one of those major search engines or social networks, but there is a catch.

There are a few requirements to get these vouchers for free. In order to them you must have an account in the following services/sites.

  • Web hosting company (HostGator, Arvixe,)
  • Domain Registrar (GoDaddy, Namecheap)
  • Marketing Service (MoZ, AdStage, SEOBook)
  • Other Sites

If you don’t have an account in anyone of these services then don’t worry. I will be listing a method that you can use to gain free advertising vouchers but you will have to cough up a few bucks (no more than $10) to gain the benefits.

Why companies provide perks

So let me explain how this works. Many online services provide perks for signing up with them. One of the perks are advertising vouchers for Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Most of the time it will be one of those three and hardly ever all 3 of them. You will have to find the perks/promotional page on these sites. In most cases you will only have a few perks and the credit for the advertising agencies will not be too high.

List of Services that provide Free Advertising Vouchers


I do want to mention that you will need to either sign in on your existing account or Sign up for an account with one of these Hosting services to receive the vouchers. Also, there are some restrictions to each promotion. 

Below are links to guides that will help you locate various vouchers/credits.

* You must spend $25 to receive $100.

HostGator – ($100 Adwords*)

JustHost – ($100 Adwords*)

InMotionHosting – ($100 Adwords Voucher – No need to spend $25. $100 Bing/Yahoo Advertising)

FatCow – ($100 Adwords*, $100 Bing Ads, $50 Facebook Ads)

Arvixe – ($100 Adwords Voucher) ($100 Bing Ad Voucher)

Many hosting companies provide Advertising credit/vouchers when you sign up for their service. The links you see above are a select few that I was able to find while looking on the web.

Domain Registrars:

Namecheap – (Adroll) Unfortunately does not provide any other deals/perks.

Godaddy – ($100 Adwords*) ($50 to $100 Bing Search Credit) ($50 Facebook Ad Coupon)

Marketing Services:

SEOBOOK – ($50 to $100 on Bing Ads, Google Adwords and Amazon Product Ads)

AdStage – (Get $400 of Bing Ad credit. Expires June 30th, 2015)


WiX – ($75 Google Adwords Voucher*) ($50 Facebook Voucher)

Pay $9 to get over $200 of Advertising Vouchers

If you don’t want to spend too much money on hosting or domain names, the best option would be to purchase a hosting plan from FatCow called the “Cheap Sheep Plan“. This is a promotional offer which gets you a year of hosting for only $9. When you sign up for their promotional plan you will also get over $200 of advertising vouchers. I am not sure whether or not they are the greatest hosting company but you don’t have to use their service. You can just sign up and collect the goodies.

Final Words

Using these links will help you get started in PPC advertising with well-known companies. However, its important to understand how to configure your campaign. For a thorough, in depth information on PPC advertising check out WordStream PPC 101 course. It’s free and very informative.

If you know of any other promotions that involve advertising vouchers please leave a link in the comment section below. I’ll be sure to keep these links updated and cross off the ones that no longer work.

I like to save people money by blogging about free trials, premium offers and deals on various online services across the web.

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