How to Get Amazon Prime Video in Canada For FREE (Easy Method)

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If you’ve been looking to use Amazon Prime Video but you are outside of the United States then you probably know that Amazons video streaming service isn’t available to you. But, there is a simple way to sign up for the streaming service and watch outside of the U.S for free.

Many Canadian users would love to get their hands on the Amazon Prime Video but they are limited to just the free 2 day shipping if they sign up for Prime. However, they don’t get the streaming service that comes with Prime for American users. This can be said for pretty much everyone else in the world.

So why is Prime Video in high demand? Well, for one, they have exclusive original content, similar to Netflix. They also have TV shows and Movies that solely on Prime Video that you won’t find on Netflix or Hulu. These are the two main reasons why people use Amazon Prime video. By the way, if you don’t know the difference between Prime and Prime Video you can read about more here.

Steps to get Amazon Prime Video in Canada or Anywhere in the World for Free

First off, I do want to mention that the method I will be talking about is somewhat unethical. Everything that will be done is legal, but we are going to be playing the system to our advantage.

Here are a couple of things you will need to start the process.

With the things mentioned above, you can start the process of getting Amazon Prime Video in your country for free. Now lets talk about the steps you will need to follow to successfully access the streaming service.

  1. Download Hola from their website or directly from the Chrome store.
  2. Head over to (make sure you land on the .com website and not .ca or or any other domain extension).
  3. Once, Hola is downloaded and installed, turn it on by clicking on the icon located on the upper right corner of your browser.
  4. Make sure that you choose “United States” when asked to select your country.
  5. Once Hola is running properly you should see the American flag on the upper right corner while on the tab that has opened up.
  6. Find something small you would like to send someone in the States. This could be a chocolate bar or iPhone case. Something less than $2. (Keep in mind that you will cancel your order before it heads out. This step is only necessary because we have to prove that the item is being shipped to somewhere in the States.)
  7. Once you have selected an item, add it to your cart and go through the checkout process.
  8. Remember to use an email that is not associated with any previous Amazon account when signing up.
  9. When filling out the billing address go ahead and use your own. This is a necessary step. It won’t matter if your billing address is in Canada or anywhere else in the world. You’ve signed up for Amazon Prime from the location of the United States (via Hola extension), so all is well.
  10. Make sure you sign up for FREE 2-day shipping with a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime. (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP).
  11. Once you click on “Place Order” you will be able to use Amazon Prime Video from anywhere in the world for FREE (at least for 30 days).
  12. Now, go ahead and cancel your order. You may be charged for the small amount, but it will be automatically refunded to your credit card. *In most cases, you won’t be charged unless the item has been shipped.

*PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that after the 30 day free trial period you will be charged $99 for Amazon Prime. However, if you cancel your membership before the trial ends you won’t have to pay a penny.

13.  Repeat, with a new email address.

This method has worked for me. But be cautious, make sure to read everything before you click on anything. I hope this post was helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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