How Many Video Games can I Rent from Gamefly?

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Want to know more about Gamefly but you’re still confused on how many video games you can rent? Well, this question is searched for quite a bit everyday online and the answer is still unclear to many people. Gamefly is the most popular online video game rental service on the web. I don’t recall any other online video rental websites that comes close to its popularity and premium service. Regardless of their acclaim, many subscribers and non-subscribers are confused about their rental process.

If you’re looking to find out how many video games you can rent out at once there will be various different answers based on the number of months you’ve been with their service. Gamefly rewards subscribers with accounts that are in “good standing”. What this means is that the longer you have been subscribed to Gamefly the more video games you can rent out at once. Below is a break down of the subscription plans that are available to new subscribers.

New Gamefly Account holders

1 Game out – you can rent out 1 video game at one time. You can receive new selections once you’ve returned the disc in the prepaid postage that is provided. With this plan you will also receive the 30 day free trial offer.

2 Games out – You will be able to rent out 2 video games out at once and will be able to rent out others once both video game discs have been returned to Gamefly in the mail.

Good Standing Account Holders

3 or 4 games out – subscribers with “Good Standing” accounts that have been with the services for more than 60 days will be able to rent out 3 to 4 video games (based on the plan you select) out at once.

*Good Standing basically means that you have not damaged the discs that you’ve returned and you’ve been with the service for more then 2 months.


So basically the more time you are with Gamefly the better the benefits. Keep in mind, to rent out more than 2 games you will need to upgrade your plan. Gamefly plans vary in prices based on the number of video games you want to rent out.

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