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Whether your are blogger, a student or a professional you may make mistakes when it comes to grammar. When writing out articles, essays, reports or press releases you would probably want to make sure your grammar and spelling is perfect. Grammarly automatically checks your written content for any mistakes that you may have incurred. The service can be summed up as error-free writing on demand. However, this services is just not a one trick pony but it does it all. Not only does it highlight and correct your grammar but it also, checks for any spelling mistakes, explains the error so you learn from your mistakes and provides citation assistance to help you avoid plagiarism. This ultimate grammar checker offers a 7 day free trial offer for new users who are willing to test out their services and see if it is beneficial to them.

Click here for the Grammarly 7 Day Free Trial offer.

Benefits of using the Online Proofreading service.

There are many benefits of using Grammarly especially if you want to improve your writing or just want to make sure that your written material is up to par. Here are the essential benefits.

  • Checks over 250 points of grammar – Within 60 seconds of scanning your written content, Grammarly will check the use of commas, run-on sentences, comma splices, double negatives, incomplete fragments and many other factors. 
  • Provides a score out of a 100 to showcase how well written your content is.
  • Select paper type for perfection – Whether your writing a resume, academic essay, report, book review, research paper, presentation or a blog post each written content requires a unique style and editing. By selecting the type content you are writing  Grammarly will proofread (scan) accordingly.
  • Optimized Synonyms – Grammarlys word choice selection gives you an option as the writer to make your written content stand out by using suggested optimized words.
  • Spell Checker that is adaptive – Not only will the scanner point out spelling mistakes but it will also highlight words that may be spelled correctly but used incorrectly. i.e: two and too, loose and lose, where and were.
  • Citations and Detect Plagiarism – Plagiarism can get you in trouble whether your are a publisher of news or a student in college. Grammarly detects any unoriginal written content and informs you promptly about it. It also helps you with citation with a simple function.
  • Since the proofreading service is a web-based it can be used anywhere. Just simply login to your account and start checking for errors.
  • Grammarly also provides 24/7 customer services to help you understand any of the functions, errors or to answer any questions you may have.
  • And lastly and most important benefit is that you will improve your writing skills. Grammarly isn’t just a professional online proofreader but it was created to help users improve their writing skills in the process.

Subscription Plans.

There are 3 subscription plans for Grammarly services. One is the Monthly Subscription Plan which will cost $29.95 a month. The second plan is a Quarterly Plan which costs $59.95 per quarter. When choosing the quarterly plan you will only pay $19.95 per month when compared to the monthly subscription plan. And lastly there is the Annual Plan which will cost $139.95.

Each plan comes with a 7 day free trial offer so you will be able to test out the waters before jumping in. You can also see Grammarly in action by going here –

Free Trial Details.

During the 7 day free trial offer provided by Grammarly you will have full access to their services. You will need a credit card when signing up. After the 7 day trail period you will be charged a fee based on the plan you have selected when signing up. You can cancel your subscription plan at any time. You will not be charged if you cancel your plan during the 7 day free trial offer.

So start automatically proofread your written work online in seconds and improve your writing skills by signing up for Grammarly today.

Offer Summary.

  • Offer: Grammarly
  • Cost: Free for 7 days.
  • Available in: Worldwide
  • Credit Card Needed: Yes
  • Expires: N/A

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