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GoToMyPC free trial allows you to gain access to their easy-to-use software which gives you a secure remote access to to a Mac or PC from any web browser. GoToMyPc is a website that will allow you to access your PC from anywhere in the world that has internet connection. You can have to access all of your files, emails, and programs from anyplace in the world.  GoToMyPC was created by Citrix which has also created other software such as GoToMeeting which enables you to conduct meetings easily and securely online.

If you wish to try the GoToMyPC it is a risk free trial, click on the green link below and simply create your account on their website. Once you have signed up – install GoToMyPC on the computer you would like to access. This could be either work, home or a family members computer. The software sets up automatically within a few clicks and then your good to go. Once your setup you have the comfort of knowing that the connection is encrypted and secure for your safety. Also the software comes with a simple to use interface that won’t confuse users, syncing from one computer to another is easy and works in the background. Now you can gain access to your computer from anywhere in the world that has a internet connection.

If you have 20 or more users like on a corporate plan, then you need the administrative position to control them all. Simply go to their website and when you sign up for the free trail you can access their corporate plans as well. The website also allows companies to share information instantly that may other wise take days or weeks to send if they need it to be couriered. Something that comes up in a meeting, may be needed at a moment’s notice. Also files in question to be pulled up and seen by everyone at the same time.

With GoToMyPC bosses can now keep tabs on what their employees are doing during their work day. They can monitor their activities and add or suspend their accounts as needed. This may increase the productivity of the company. They also absolutely guarantee yours and your PC’s safety. Your information will not be compromised in any way.


Free Trial Details:

Try GoToMyPC free for 30 days. The trial is absolutely risk free and they have a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide to subscribe to their services. You can try their services free for 30 days and pay nothing. If you want to continue to use their services after the 30 day trial period you will simply be billed $67.80 a month. Or you can purchase the pro plan. Pro plan is most commonly for a corporate setting and allows up to 20 computers to be connected to GoToMyPC. Start either with a single or corporate plan by clicking on the link below.


Click here for the GoToMyPC free trial


Offer Summary:

  • Offer: GoToMyPC
  • Cost: FREE for 30 days
  • Credit Card Needed: Yes (Will Not be charged during 30 day trail period)
  • Available in: Worldwide
  • Expires: N/A

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