GoToMeeting 30 Day Free Trial (Sign up and get 20 % Off)

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UPDATED: This article has been updated with new information about the trial offer along with additional information about the plans that GoToMeeting offers. 

Gain access to the GoToMeeting Free Trial offer (30 Days Free) and start to conduct meetings online with this easy to use service. You will also receive 20% discount when you sign up for a subscription to GoToMeeting plan. is one the best and also the most popular Web conferencing services online. This secure program gives you the ability to hold unlimited amounts of meetings publicly or privately.

If you ever wanted to conduct a meeting online and realized that Skype, Yahoo, Google or other instant messengers wasn’t up to par, then GoToMeeting is for you. There are tons of features when signing up for their service. GoToMeeting was built for colleagues, business partners, staff members or even used for orientation purposes. The user-friendly interface allows all attendees the convenience to share their screen, interact in the presentation/meeting, talk through mic and now use their webcam for HD conferencing.

Features that GoToMeeting Offers

  • Hold unlimited amount of meetings.
  • Have an Audio conference through the computer or even a phone.
  • Show your screen, an application or a specific document which others can view.
  • Demonstrate and collaborate with attendees.
  • Give attendees keyboard control or change whose screen is presented.
  • Record and save the presentation.
  • NEW* High-Definition Webcam Conferencing available with one simple click (Available only with Upgrade).
  • Attend and conduct meetings through phones through GoToMeeting app.

Click here to sign up for GoToMeeting and get a 30 day free trial.

Free Trial Details:

The GoToMeeting Free Trial gives you a chance to try out all the features of this premium conference service for 30 days. Along with the 30 day free trial, they will give all trial members 20% off for their subscription service, for free! Not only will you be able to have experienced their services and features, but you will also get a 20% discount when signing up.

GoToMeeting Plans

There are three plans currently available on GoToMeeting. Each plan is catered towards the number of people you would be conducting meetings with. If there is a higher number of attendees then you would have to upgrade to the next available plan. The three plans are Starter, Pro and Plus.

With Starter plan you can conduct a meeting with up to 5 attendees. This is more suitable for startup having small meetings and teams. This plan will cost $24 a month.

The Pro plan is the most recommended and most popular plan they have. On this plan you can hold a meeting with 25 attendees. The Pro plan is meant for small to medium size teams. Pro Plan cost $39 a month.

And lastly, at $49 a month, the Plus plan is the most expensive plan, but it catered towards large companies or corporations. On this plan you can conduct a meeting with 100 attendees.

If you subscribe to any of these plans, you should know that you are billed yearly. Also, if you sign up for GoToMeeting through the 30 day free trial, you will be billed yearly after the trial period has ended.

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