Get a Free Meal through UberEATS in Los Angeles ($20 Credit)

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UPDATE: On July 25th, the $20 credit will no longer be given out by UberEATS. Instead, they will replace the $20 credit to a $10 credit. For more detail about the offer, read below.

Apps are essential for making life a little bit easier. Ridesharing apps help us get from point A to Point B with a few taps. We can find out what the weathers like by checking one of the hundreds of Weather apps found online. If we want to watch a movie or TV show, we can stream it anywhere we go through apps like Hulu and Netflix.

When it comes to ordering food, food delivery apps are no different. They are easy to use, quick and very convenient. UBER is more known for their ridesharing services, but they’re also in the food delivery business.

UberEATS is a service that allows you to order food from your local restaurant and have it delivered to you within minutes through their app.

Since UberEATS is still fairly new they’re currently offering new users with a promotional free meal.

If you’re living in Los Angeles you can receive $20 off your next purchase through UberEATS.

Navigating through the app is fairly easy, so, I won’t get into detail on how to place an order. However, I’ll show you guys how to apply the credit to your UberEATS app.

Please keep in mind there are few restrictions regarding what you can order with this offer.

  • For one, you can only place an order from one restaurant at a time. Meaning, you won’t be able to order multiple items from different locations. Each transaction must be completed from one shop.
  • This specific promotion cannot be applied to items from the instant delivery menu.
  • You must be in LA (Los Angeles) for the code to work. However, some people have reported that it works anywhere that UberEATS is available.
  • And lastly, this promotional offer is only valid for first time users. If you have used a promotional code in the past for UberEATS, then, you won’t be able to receive the $20 credit.

Now with that said, here are the steps to getting you a free meal.

This is the promo code to receive $20 credit:


  1. Download and install the free app either from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Once you have logged in through your UBER account or have created a new account, open the app and tap on the 3 dashes (Menu Icon).Screenshot_2016-06-16-08-57-56
  3. Now tap on the menu option that says “PROMOTIONS”.PROMOTION option from UberEATS
  4. Here you will enter in the following promo code to receive the $20 credit towards your free meal! eats-uberEATINGPromo code for UberEATS.

And that’s it. Now you can order from your favourite local Los Angeles restaurant and have an Uber driver deliver it to you, at only $4.99. However, the $20 should cover the cost of the delivery, unless you purchase an item that is over $15. This is a limited time promotional offer. I am not quite sure when it will expire, but be sure to apply it to your account ASAP. Enjoy your LA free meal!

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