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If your looking for more space to store your photos, videos, music, documents or any other important files online then you should check out the new cloud storage service called is fairly fresh on the web and has not received the popularity or status yet as other similar services have like Dropbox and Carbonite. However, the new service is making sure that they are one of the top players when it comes to cloud storage by providing new users 100 GB of free space! Just simply sign up for a free account and receive 100 gigabytes of storage without paying for a subscription. But with anything free online there is always a catch. With the ‘Free’ account users do not have access to direct downloads or hot linking features. On top of that, users will have to endure with advertising throughout their dashboard and will also have a file limit of 2 GB. These are fairly small drawbacks when considering the amount of storage that is provided free of cost.

Top features on

  • Speed – On uploads speeds are quite fast. You won’t have to watch the screen for hours when uploading, with lightning fast speeds you can view your files on your dashboard in no time.
  • Security – All files are protected 24/7 and is always private unless you share them with your friends, colleagues, family or anyone. Industry standard security tactics have been implemented to keep your files private and secure.
  • Online Based – Sharing, uploading, viewing or download files is all done online. There is no need for any extra software to be downloaded to your computer to upload or access your files.
  • Organize – Sort your files based on date, events or however you want. Drop-and-drop files, create folders and tag of your files with the simple tools and navigation on the site.

Below are the few steps to get 100 GB of free storage on (with pictures).

1) Fill in all the fields necessary.

Sign up for Shared

2) Activate your account by confirming your email address (click in the link).

Activate account

3) Simply start uploading all of your files you like to have stored in the cloud. Dashboard

4) You can also check the amount of storage you have on your account by clicking on the drop down Account Icon on the upper right corner > My account >Data Usage.

Data Usage

Plans on

There are 3 plans that are available on the cloud storage services. Two of the three come with a 24 hour free trial.

  • Standard – 100 GB of space, NO direct downloads, NO hot linking, 1 parallel download, Ad supported dashboard, file size limit is 2 GB. (FREE)
  • Pro – 1 TB of storage, Direct Downloads, hot linking, NO Ads, unlimited parallel downloads, 5 GB file size limit. ($9.95 a month)
  • Pro Plus – Unlimited storage, Direct Downloads, Hot linking, No Ads, unlimited parallel downloads, file size limit is 10 GB. ($24.95 a month)

Check out the video below which describes cloud storage services better then I could.

So if you would like receive 100 GB of free online cloud storage with ultra fast upload speeds from click here.

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