Gamefly will Publish Android and iOS Games Soon!

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GameFly has announced that the game distributing service will branch off their company to publish games for Android and iOS. GameFly will be reaching out to developers that are already developing their own games and buying out the titles to be published. This will be a different step forward for the company since they only have previous experiences with distribution of physical digital media. Their services are basically like Netflix but for games, obviously.

They are also in preparation to release a third-party Android app which is titled as the GameFly Game Store. The app will allow members to rent out titles right from your smartphone with ease.

If your not familiar with GameFly services here is a quick rundown on what the company offers. GameFly is a video rental service based on a subscription membership in America. You can rent video games for various game consoles such as playstation, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and many other compatible consoles. You can pick the games you want through their website and the games will arrive in a few days at your doorstep. Once your done playing the games you can send them back in the mail in a pre-paid postage envelope.

GameFly also provides a 10 day free trial offer which allows you to test out their services without committing to it, check it out today.

via: the verge


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