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Use the GameFly 30 day free trial offer to rent games, play them and send them back without being charged a late fee or shipping costs. The trial offer is for a 30 day period. You will need a credit card to access the promotional offer. Gamefly provides video game rental service which allows users to receive their favorite video games in the mail within 3 business days.

Gamefly has over 8,000 titles to choose from and provides video games for over 15 different game consoles. You can play the video games as long as you want and then send them back when you’re done. When renting video games you won’t have to worry about late fees or shipping costs.

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How it works

GameFly video game rental service can be explained in 4 steps. First, you will need to pick a game from that you would like to play. Once you order a game, it will arrive at your door in a day or two (rush delivery). When you receive the game you can play it as long as you want, there are NO late fees, ever. When you’re ready to send the games back you can easily use the prepaid postage that includes free shipping for easy use. If you decide to keep the game you can use the “keep” feature and easily purchase the game at a discounted price.

The image below explains the video rental service in a simple way.

How GameFly Video Game Rental Service Works.

How GameFly Video Game Rental Service Works.


You can only rent two games at a time, but as a member you will gain rewards. There are levels you need to go through and each level has it’s own perks. After three months of being a member you can get 5 GameFly dollars. After being a member for six months you will have access to level two. You still get 5 GameFly dollars every three months, plus you will be able to get 5% off of their used games for purchase. Level three is accessed after one year of membership or more. Plus you get 10% off your used game purchases instead of the 5% previously offered.


Here is a list of consoles that GameFly has video games for. They supply every video game that is currently available in the United States.

  • Playstation 4, 3, 2 and Vita
  • PSP
  • Xbox One, 360 and Xbox
  • Wii U and Wii
  • Gamecube
  • Nintendo 3DS, DS
  • Gameboy Advance


At this time GameFly services is only available in the United States. However, it’s only be a matter of time before the company brings their services to Canada, South America and perhaps even European countries. This is just my opinion and there is no proof to back this up (as of now).


I’ve written an article about GameFly Prices but I thought I’d summarize the content on that page here so you can have a better understanding of how much a subscription costs for the video game rental service.

During the 30 day trial you will be charged $0 for the first month. However, after the trial period has come to an end you will be charged for the month. If you cancel your subscription within the 30 day period you will not be charged.

  • For one (1) game rental you will have to pay $15.95 a month. You will be able to exchange games as many times as you’d like throughout the month but you will only be allowed to rent out 1 video game at a time.
  • The two (2) game rental subscription plan will cost $22.95 a month. You will be able to rent 2 games at once.
  • 3 Games: This subscription will cost $29.95 a month however the plan is only available for members with a good standing account and has been with the service for more than 60 days.
  • 4 Games: This subscription plan will cost you $36.95 a month. You will be able to rent four (4) games at once. This plan is also only eligible for members with accounts that are in “good standing”.

How to Start your Free Trial

To get access to the 1 month free trial offer you will need to navigate your way to the GameFly website. Then you should click on the orange button that says “Start Now”. Once you’ve clicked on the button you will have to select the plan to subscribe too. The 30 day free trial is only valid for the 1 game out plan. Once you have gone through the registration process and have entered in your credit card information you will have access to GameFly games. You can pick one of the 8,000 video games and have your selection delivered to your door step.

Here are the steps:

Click orange button > Pick a plan > Create an account and fill in personal information (Full name, address) > Enter in credit card information > Pick a game > Wait 1 – 2 days for the game to be delivered to your location > play it as long as you want > return the video game disc.

Get 1 month of Hulu Plus for Free when you sign up for GameFly!

Promotional offer for Hulu Plus.

Promotional offer for Hulu Plus.

You may also notice a special promotion that allows you to get 1 month of Hulu Plus for free. This is an exclusive promotion and may not be offered for an extended period of time. Once you signed up for the 30 day trial you will get an email with the Hulu Plus code which you can redeem at any time. This is basically a bonus that you will receive when signing up for GameFly.

How to get GameFly for free EVERY month.

Once you’ve signed up and logged in to your account you will notice the “Refer a Friend” program on your dashboard. With this program you can get GameFly services for free every month. All you have to do is refer a friend. For every friend you refer you will receive one (1) month of GameFly services. The more friends that join, the more months that will be added to your subscription without paying a penny.

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