Getting the Most Out of Your Kids’ Clothes

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Parents have a lot of demands on their paychecks. It takes a lot of money to support and raise children, so it is very important to make every dollar count. This article gives parents tips about how to get the most out of their kids’ clothing budget. New kids clothes can only be described as Precious Plus. Designer infant clothing for kids has the same effect on us. However, it’s important to take care of your kids clothing properly with a few preventative measures if you want that perfect picture.

Possibly one of the biggest mistakes you can make when dressing your kids for that perfect picture is to have the false impression that the way they leave the house is the way they will arrive for their picture. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking your child to the photographer’s studio or to grandma’s house for that perfect picture opportunity. The little darling’s outfit is bound to become wrinkled or dirty to some degree.

As a parent, it can be very tempting to overspend on your kids’ clothing budget. You want your child to look his or her best, but financing such a goal can be a real burden. Many brands of kids clothing are more expensive than adult lines, so how can you stretch your dollar without sacrificing on quality?Refuse to pay retail.

There is a sense of pride that comes alone with buying your kid a brand new, pristine outfit from the department store. However, that pride quickly turns into frustration when you see your child wearing the outfit as they roughhouse with their siblings in the front yard. Days later, you roll your eyes in aggravation as you find the expensive clothing covered in a multitude of stains and carelessly tossed into a crumpled pile on the floor. The fact is, kids are hard on clothes and you will rarely be able to justify spending a lot of money on a single outfit. Instead, look for deals.

Deals can be found in a variety of places such as clearance racks, consignment stores, thrift stores, and the like. You might have to do some digging to find the right size or style that you want, but the savings are worth the extra time. Because kids grow out of their clothes so quickly, there is a large selection of second-hand clothing that may have only been worn once or twice. Online classifieds are also great places to find clothes, and occasionally someone who doesn’t want to take the time to price and sell the clothing will list free clothes.

Maximize wear.
Kids can be unbelievably messy. Babies and toddlers stain their clothes with everything from food to finger-paint, while older kids seem to look for mud puddles to roll in. These stains can be very hard on clothing, but with proper care they can be completely removed. When a child comes to you with a fresh stain, immediately soak the garment in cold water to wash off any surface material and prevent the stain from setting. Then, rub a dab of detergent or stain remover into the area and allow it to sit and penetrate the stain.

When washing a load of clothes, be sure not to overload the machine. Not only will this prevent the garments from getting thoroughly cleaned, but the constant friction against other clothing will cause each piece to wear and pile much faster than if it was washed in a smaller load. For clothing that does have significant piling, you can make it look brand new by using a simple, cheap fabric shaver to efficiently remove fuzz balls.

Clearance Racks.
Department stores are always three months ahead of any season clothing-wise. This means, when it is 90 degrees out in the middle of August, long-sleeved shirts and pants are already hanging on clothes racks. The current season’s clothes are moved to a clearance rack to make room for the next season’s clothing. By buying off the clearance rack, you could potentially save lots of money. Some people buy a year in advance, which means they have to estimate what size their child will be the following year. This is simpler to do than it sounds.


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