Top 5 Ways to Legally Watch Movies Online for Free

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If you Google search the query “watch movies online for free” you will be shown a list of results that will lead you to third-party video sites. These sites either host or link to movies that can be streamed and watched for free. However, most of these movies are pirated and illegally uploaded by users. Pirated videos are usually in low quality but there are plenty of viewers who are willing to sacrifice quality just to see the latest box office hit. Back in 2012 I had published a inforgraphic showcasing the top 10 most pirated movies of all time. This visual data should give you an idea how rampant downloading pirated films has become.

We may have all download MP3’s in the past or watched a few movies online but the sites that host these types of content may also be accompanied by viruses and spyware. Luckily, the Internet is continually adapting and there is no need to scrape through search results to find ways to watch movies online. Services have been built that are catered to consumer that are trying to watch films online without the cost of a monthly subscription. There are plenty of websites that provide video-on-demand services at a monthly cost, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus but what about free services?

Below are the top 5 websites that provide movies that can be legally watched online for free.

  1. Hulu – Please don’t confuse “Hulu” with “Hulu Plus”. Hulu Plus is a premium service that cost a monthly subscription fee while Hulu is just simple free. You can view the list of video content on their site and watch them without paying a dime. There are some drawbacks of using Hulu though, for one there are not enough of motion pictures in their collection when comparing to Netflix. The movies will be also accompanied by advertisements (commercials) here and there throughout the film. Also, Hulu is only available in a few select countries however there is a way to watch Hulu from anywhere.
  2. YouTube – Along with hilarious videos, cute cats and addictive music covers YouTube also features a vast catalog of flicks. Navigate your way to the official movie homepage on YouTube and scroll down till you see the section listed as “Free”. Here you will find documentaries, oldies, comedies, dramas and more. There are a few cons of viewing this section: latest movies are not available, films are usually old and most of the content are movies you’ve probably never heard of (straight to DVD). You may also be asked to sign in to your account to view videos to confirm your date of birth.
  3. Crackle – This video-on-demand service is very similar to Hulu but does not have the same popularity. However, throughout the years it has established itself as a creditable source to legally watch movies online for free. Crackle has a large collection of hand picked, uncut films on their database. The only set back is that you won’t find the latest motion pictures in their stock and the streaming content is NOT commercial free.
  4. Snagfilms – You can enjoy a vast number of documentaries and movies for free on this video streaming provider. Its fairly simple to navigate through genres or categories to locate the content you would like to view. After playing a few documentaries it seems as though Snagfilms videos are commercial free. Snagfilms may carry various genres like comedies and dramas however they mostly have a stockpile of documentaries.
  5. Indie Movies Online – Here is yet another site that hosts motion cinema to stream for free. Indie Movies Online is catered to users who like to watch Indie films and documentaries. There are over 100 selections you can watch for free however the service is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

There are still some developments that are needed to improve access to movies online however until the next big thing comes along (website/startup) legally watching movies online would be in your best interest. Not only could you expose your computer to harmful viruses but you can also get in trouble with the law if you watch or download movies online. Check out the sites above to avoid on complications with the law or your computer and enjoy endless minutes of film for free.

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