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There are multiple services that provide instant movie streaming online but some movies are only available on a specific networks. For example, if I wanted to watch Rango I would be able to watch it on Netflix, Vudu or Amazon Instant Video however I won’t be able to access it on Hulu Plus since its not available in their collection. Finding out what movies are available on specific networks can be a time consuming tedious task.

But now there is a service that will help you search through archives of movies that are on these networks. Movievisor is a recommendation engine. Its like Google search but for films. Movievisor helps users find films based on ratings, mood and sources. The ratings that are listed on Movievisor are from 3 different film critic sites : IMDB, Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. You can search through movies by choosing a genre that your in the mood for.  But most importantly you can filter through sources so you can watch the video on the network you’d like.

Even though I think the site is straightforward I feel I should illustrate how to use Movievisor.

  1. On the homepage you can use the search bar to look for the movies you desire. As you type, suggestions will be presented so you can easily select the movie of your choice.
  2. On this landing page you will be showcased recommendations of movies similar to your choice. If you want to filter the list by sources, mood or year you can use the menu bar located on the top of the page to do so. Below the fold you will see your recommendations.
  3. Once you have selected a film you will be taken to the films landing page. Here you will be able to read the summary of the movie, view the ratings and also see where it can be viewed. Once you click on “Watch Now” you will be redirected to a third party streaming website (Netflix,Amazon Instant Video, Vudu or Hulu Plus). And from that point you can sit back and enjoy the motion picture at your leisure.

Take advantage this tool next time you are looking to enjoy some movies online.

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