Get an Extra 3GB of Space on Dropbox by Signing Up With a School Email Address

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So here is a simple way to earn more GB’s on Dropbox. If you sign up using your school email address you can gain an extra 3 gigabytes for two years! There is no catch. Dropbox is currently running a promotional offer called “Great Space Race” which allows students, professors, school faculty or whoever has a school email address to gain extra space on Dropbox. You don’t have to be a new member to get access to this promotional offer.

You can also get an more space on your account based on the amount of people who sign up from you school. There is an competition aspect to this offer and its based on a point system. The more points your school gains the more space you get yourself. You can earn one point for every friend you invite, you can also earn two more points if your invites complete the “Get Started” guide. Check out the image below to get a complete understanding how this offer works.

Dropbox allows users to save videos, pictures, documents and other files in the cloud (storage) which can be retrieved from anywhere (smartphone, tablets, computers or the Dropbox website). You can also share certain files with collages, friends and family.

So here are the steps to get and extra 3 gigabytes of storage on Dropbox:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up using a school email address or sign in and then enter in your school email address
  3. Get 3 gigabytes of free space!


Enjoy your space! 🙂


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