Eharmony Dating: Review Your Matches (No Free Trial)

Eharmony Dating Review your Matches

Unfortunately eHarmony does not offer a free trial on their online dating services but instead they allow new members to review their matches for free. Eharmony is known as the most trusted online dating site in the world. Eharmony was launched in the summer of 2000 and has active members from 158 countries around the world. It is recorded that a average of 542 eHarmony members get married everyday by being matched through eHarmony’s compatibility system.

Eharmony is well known for their compatibility system which allows members to connect with their potential matches on 25 dimensions of compatibility.

A free trial with eHarmony is currently not available but new members are given a chance to use eHarmony dating services by reviewing their matches for free. When members sign up for a eHarmony membership they will be able to join for free and be matched with their potential mate. Once new members fill out the eHarmony personality profile and complete the proprietary questionnaire they will be able to read their free compatibility profile.

The compatibility profile (worth $40) is free and will give members an idea of who is the right fit for them. Once members have looked over their compatibility profile they will be matched up, members will be able to review their matches for free and possibly find their true match. Eharmony is responsible for 5% of all marriages in America and its very likely you would find your true match on the premium dating site. Click here to review your eHarmony Matches today.


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