DVD’s Stay with Netflix – Goodbye Qwikster

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Say goodbye to Qwikster! In the latest blog post on the netflix blog, Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix) announced that DVD’s will be staying with Netflix and no longer be a separate service. He mentions how members on Netflix has found it difficult to use both services since they were separate. So Qwikster – the DVD rental service by Netflix will no longer be launched but instead they will keep both services,  on one platform.

Reeds exact quote:

This means no change: one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster.

The DVD rental service – Qwikster was created to build back the Netflix reputation after a couple changes that was unsettling for many members. The price hike, the interface redesign, followed by separation of streaming and DVD rental service was too many changes to handle for existing Netflix members. Although Qwikster was thought to be the answer to their problems it was more of the problem it self. If you go to www.qwikster.com it will now redirect you to Netflix free trial page but if you wondered what Qwikster looked like here is a image below to refresh your memory.


Although the Netflix stock keeps going up and down like yo-yo, this is frankly good news for the company that has made many mistakes in the past few months. This will keep new and existing members happy and less confused.

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