Dropbox Doubles Their Referral Bonus


Dropbox has doubled their referral bonus for both free members and Pro members. For every referral that you obtain you will gain 500 MB up to 16 GB of free space! And if your pro member (paid subscriber) you will gain 1 GB per referral up to a maximum of 32 GB.

What is Dropbox:
Dropbox is cloud-based storage company that provides free services to save and share your photos, docs and videos and bring them anywhere you are. Dropbox provides both free and paid (more space) services for their members.

Dropbox Video:

Offer Details:
If your a member of Dropbox you can be part of their referral program and gain additional amount of space for your account. If you have a free account you will get 500 MB of space per referral you bring in with a maximum up to 16 GB (32 people) . And if your paid subscriber (Pro) then you will receive 1 GB of space per referral up to a maximum of 32 GB’s (32 people). You can import your email contacts and invite your friends and family to join Dropbox by using the referral page found here. You can also tweet or share on Facebook using the unique referral link that Dropbox will provide you.

Join Dropbox Today:

If you haven’t signed up for a FREE account with Dropbox make sure you do and you’ll receive 2 GBs of free space. Click here to Join Dropbox today for FREE.

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