Deezer 15 Day Free Trial (FREE for 6 months on the Discovery Plan)

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Deezer is a web-based music streaming service that offers unlimited music on multiple devices on-the-go or at home. They over 30 million tracks in their collection and the service is currently available in 182 countries. They also offer a free trial of their services on their Premium and Premium Plus plans. This trial offer will get you 15 days unlimited – ad free- limitless music play. If you’re interested in the trying out Deezer you should try out this offer.

Deezer was created in Paris, France and now has over 12 million active users. Out of the 12 million users – 5 Million of them are paying subscribers to their music streaming service.

You may be familiar with other music streaming services like Spotify, Rdio and the new launch of Beats Music but Deezer has been around for a while. They launched in 2007 and has grown a large web community that shares, likes and discusses music.

Subscription Plans on Deezer

There are 3 plans available on Deezer that you can subscribe too. Two of the plans come with a 15 day free trial, while the other is free but limited when it comes to features.

Discovery: this plan gets you unlimited music streaming FREE for 6 months and then 2 hours every day for the following months. It is also accompanied by ads and can only be accessed through the web (PC/Mac).

Premium: on this subscription plan you will have unlimited music with no ads. But you can only access the service via your computer (PC/Mac). Premium plan costs $4.99 a month and also comes with a 15 day free trial offer.

Premium+: a subscription to this plan will get you access to unlimited music with no ads on multiple devices. It also comes with a offline mode which allows you to listen to music without a internet connection. As a Premium+ member you will also have first dips on new albums before they are even released to the general public. There also no boundaries, you can travel throughout the world and not be restricted due to your location. This plan costs $9.99 a month. When you subscribe you will also receive a free trial offer of 15 days to try out Deezer Premium+.

The free trial offer is only valid for a one-time usage. You will need a credit card to sign up. Your credit card will not be charged during the trial period. Once the 15 day free trial as come to an end it will charge you a monthly cost of $4.99 or $9.99 depending on whether you subscribed to Premium or Premium+. You can also pay by PayPal.

Features on Deezer

Deezer is not much different than other online music services when it comes to features. As you can expect you can do the typical things like search for music, play tracks, share and like them, comment on the tracks/albums/artists/ and create playlists as well.

Deezer Commercial

Discover Music: As a user you can discover different artists, songs and albums based on your taste in music. You can hear from the latest albums that you “may” like. Deezer editors also curate tracks and albums personally for individuals. If you’re not into the editors picks you can also shuffle through the 30 000 playlists that are on the site created by other users.

Your Playlists: You can also create your own playlists and have others listen to the songs, albums or artists that you want to feature. Having playlists already created is perfect for various occasions like parties, long drives, or just a relaxing day at home.

Devices: The music streaming service is available on multiple devices like smartphones, computers, TV’s, HiFi, tablets and even cars. Below are a list of compatible devices for Deezer.

Computers: Mac and PC (Windows 8 as well) – Available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
Smartphones: iPhones, iPods, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry
Tablets: iPads, iPad mini, Windows 8, Android, Blackberry Playbook
TV: Samsung Smart TV’s, LG TV, Toshiba, Panasonic, Phillips, Netrang
Media Boxes and Gaming Consoles: XBOX, WD TV
HiFi: Sonos Audio Systems, Simple Audio Streamer, Big Jambox by Jawbone, Logitech Squeezebox
Cars: BMW, Mini, Parrot car Stereos

* Most of those devices are only compatible with the Premium+ subscription plan.

Access Everywhere: Whether your not connected to the internet or your out of the country you will always have access to tracks on Deezer. Whenever you sync your songs, albums and playlists to your mobile device you will be able to listen to them without a internet connection. This is ideal if your on the subway or in a location where there little or no signal.

You can also access Deezer whenever you are out of the country. Some music streaming services won’t let you access their app/website if you’re out of the country regardless if you’re a subscriber or not. With Deezer there are no limits and you can enjoy your music on-go-go, country to country.

These feature is only available on the Premium+ plan.

Availability: Although Deezer may be available to use around the world, it is currently only available in 182 countries.

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  1. andrew colborn

    dont use this site as when free trial runs out the music that ypu have downloaded is totally random shit music you have not down loaded and it use all your data trying to log in and they change ypur password fucking crap stick to the radio you cant go wrong they are swindlers just as bad as google

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