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Thinking about using Crazy Egg to improve on your conversion rates? Well luckily you can use the 90 day free trial from Crazy Egg to start visualizing your traffic like never before and start converting visits. On the free trial you will be able to use all the web analytic tools that are included in the premium service.

Free Trial

With the Crazy Egg free trial you will be able to use the web analytic service and tools for 90 days. You will also need a credit card to sign up for this exclusive offer. They ask for your credit information to prevent fraud and multiple uses of the promotional offer. You may cancel your account within the 90 days and you will not be charged. However, if you decide to keep using Crazy Egg services you will be billed accordingly once the trial period ends.

Please keep in mind that they bill yearly, so you will be charged for the total amount for the year. Prices will vary depending on the plan you have chosen.

Check out the link to receive the exclusive 90 free trial offer from Crazy Egg.

Why you should try Crazy Egg

If you’re an online marketer, blogger, small business owner or huge corporation you most likely have an online presence. But getting more leads, more subscribers, more sales or more interaction on your website can be hard. Whether you’re a newbie or professional the analytics from Crazy Egg is something you should add to your arsenal of marketing tools.

Crazy Egg provides the information that Google Analytics just lacks. For example, Google provides web analytics and reporting but only shows how many visits you have, the amount of people that are currently on your site, where they are coming from (social, search, direct) and where they are located.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Google Analytics and I use it to determine how well my site is performing but if you want to know where you’re visitors are clicking, why they are leaving, why they aren’t buying anything on your site or why they just aren’t converting then you would probably need another service to fill those crucial gaps.

That’s where Crazy Egg comes in. With Crazy Egg tools you can pinpoint where your visitors are clicking, view what content isn’t seen, see how many clicks you are receiving on each element on your page and view different clicks segmented by referral sources.

Crazy Egg services are trusted by many name brand companies such as Skype, Etsy, eBay, Monster, Yahoo, Dell, Costco and many more. However, there are plans that are catered to all users no matter how big or small your business, blog or website may be.


When signing up for a free trial plan you can use all 4 of Crazy Eggs tools: Heat Map, Scroll Map, Overlay and Confetti. Each one of these tools will help you improve your overall sites interaction with its visitors.

Heat Map: When using the Heat Map tool you will be able to visually see where your visitors are clicking. Visually seeing where your visitors click will help you edit/change some of the elements of your website so can start converting visitors.

Scroll Map: This is a simple tool that showcases how far people are scrolling. This will help you manage your website and decide where your most important content should go.

Overlay Tool: The report will show you how many clicks you are getting on specific elements on your website.

Confetti: If you want to know who is clicking on what and where they come from this tool will show exactly that. You will be able to see different clicks on your site segmented by referral traffic you received.


Here is a quick 2 minute clip highlighting all the tools and features that are available on Crazy Egg.


Plans on Crazy Egg start as low as $9 a month but you will have 4 plans to choose from with various upgraded services. Also, keep in mind all plans come with a free trial, so it doesn’t matter which plan you select if you’re only using the service for 90 days and then canceling it. However, I would suggest picking the plan that meets the needs of your website according to the amount of visits.

Check out the price layout below to see which features are available on the various plan packages. *All plans are billed yearly and not monthly.

Basic: At $9 a month it is the most cost effective plan for someone on a budget. Crazy Egg will be able to review 10,000 page views and track 10 active pages month. This plan may not have all the bells and whistles but it is ideal for a entrepreneur who is just starting their business or blog online.

Standard: This plan will cost you $19 a month and is catered to growing businesses. You will be able to receive reports on 25,000 page views and 20 active pages. When billed yearly this plan for the web analytic services will cost you about $228.

Plus: The Plus plan is the most popular among the four. This is perfect for websites that are receiving around over 100,000 page views a month. For $49 a month you will get detail reports on 50 pages and receive additional features attached to your account such as advanced filtering and mobile heatmaps.

Pro: At $99 a month this is the most expensive plan which is specifically for companies or large websites that need reporting on 100 active pages. With this plan you do get all the bells and whistles including priority phone support.

Easy Setup Process

Setting up is pretty straight forward. If your website is running on a WordPress platform you should download the Crazy Egg plugin. Once you’ve done that simply sign up using the link above, grab your 90 day trial offer and make your way to your dashboard. From there click on “Training Center”, you will find videos that will help you setup your webpage.

So whether you’re newbie or professional, Crazy Egg is designed for everyone to simply visualize your website visits like never before. Try it today.

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