CraveTV vs Shomi: What is the Difference Between the Two?

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CraveTV is an online movie and TV streaming service that is offered to all Bell customers in Canada. And Shomi provides the same service but for everyone within Canada and United States. These are two of the very few streaming services that are currently available in the country of Canada and they are competitors.

For this article I will only be comparing Shomi and CraveTV to understand the difference between the two. So what is the difference between the two? Quite a bit actually.

Let’s break it down into categories so it’s easier for everyone to follow.

Free Trial?

Shomi offers a 30 day free trial subscription to new users. In some cases they also offer 1 to 2 year free service with a promotional offer to Roger and Shaw customers.

CraveTV does not offer any free trial.

Who can subscribe?

Shomi: Anyone within Canada and the United States can subscribe to Shomi. As long as they have access to Internet.

CraveTV: Only customers of Bell and Bell-related companies such as NorthernTel FibreOp, Telus and Eastlink can subscribe to CraveTV. 

Cost of Subscription?

Shomi: The streaming service cost $8.99 a month however, it may also be available for free with your Rogers or Shaw Package. Check your plan for more details.

CraveTV: Customers of Bell can enjoy CraveTV for $4 a month. Please keep in mind this low cost is only available for Bell customers that have an internet or cable package with the company.

What can I watch on CraveTV and Shomi?

There are plenty of titles to choose from on both services. CraveTV offers many of the TV shows and movies you would see on Netflix. However, Shomi has exclusive content that no other streaming service can provide.

This is why Shomi has the upper hand. With more exclusive titles to choose from it is the more favourable choice.

Unfortunately both do not have original content on their service, unlike Netflix. Netflix by far is the better choice between the three.

For a full list of content check out Shomi here and CraveTV here.

Which Service do you prefer or do you like to try out?

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