Community Animated Shorts Will be Airing on Hulu

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On March 7th, 8th and 9th, three animated shorts from Community will be airing on Hulu. NBC’s hit show – Community, has created 3 animated shorts to keep the fans happy while they’re on hiatus. But not to worry, Community will be returning with new episodes on March 15th and will be available to view on Hulu Plus on March 16th.

If your not familiar with Community it has been described as the best comedy on TV by various critics, magazines and blogs. The show follows a group of odd and funny individuals that attend Greendale Community College. They come together for a study group and get into hilarious scenarios. Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale) is the condescending sarcastic leader of the group which plays into the insanity and chaos of the events that happen in the comical Community College.

The 3 animated shorts will be exclusively available on Hulu starting on March 7th. The three animated shorts will consist of various scenarios such as Abed becoming the Deans assistant and also Abed getting the master key to Greendale. You can view new episodes of Community on Hulu Plus the day after it airs on TV. If your not a member of Hulu Plus, you can easily sign up on their free trial offer. Click here for the Hulu Plus free trial.

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