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So it’s that time of year again and many young adults are making their way to college. With a heavy workload, new classes and very little time, it is easy to say that college can be very stressful. Here I’ll be listing some free trials and free web services that can make your college life a lot more easier.

There are plenty of web services that can aid college students throughout the year, but many of them come with the cost. The services that I will mention all come with a free trial offer or are simply free. 

In some cases the services come with a free version that will do just fine, depending on your needs.

Lets start off with web services that will keep organized. Organization is one of the keys to success. With the numerous amount of papers, flyers, and documents it is easy to get lost in the clutter.



Making sure you’ve completed assignments, tasks or anything important will help you stay organized. A simple checklist app can do just that. Clear is much more than a checklist app. Not only can you enter in a to-do list, but you can also add gestures, sync your to-do list via iCloud so you have the list on multiple devices, but you can also add themes and reminders.

This award winning service is currently only available on iOS products, but if you have an Apple product I highly suggest you take a look. Clear doesn’t offer a free trial, but a free demo. If you have OS X Yosemite you can check out a quick demo on you Mac and if it is towards your liking you can purchase Clear for a one time fee of $11.99.


If haven’t been using Todo on your mobile device, you are definitely missing out or at least somewhat cluttered. Todo, like Clear, helps you stay organized with a checklist service. The clean layout and easy-to-navigate icons and function make Todo one my favorite apps. It helps me get things done, but also reminds me to complete a task.

Todo is free on Android devices. However, if you own Apple product will cost you $4.99 for the iOS app. Luckily they offer a 14 day free trial, which will help you decide to keep the app or not.

Any.Do (honorable mention)

Unlike the other to-do apps, Any.Do comes with all the bells and whistles without the cost. The free version of Any.Do offers most of the “premium” features you would see on other similar services. This would be a great alternative to the other two services I mentioned above. If you enjoy the Any.Do app you will be happy to know there is a premium version of it. I, personally would stick with the free version since it gets the job done.

Papers and Assignments

In college, making sure you hand in your papers and assignments in time is least of your problems. Making sure you have completed those documents in a professional manner is what is most important. Grammar and spelling may be simple to some, but for most it is somewhat difficult, especially at a college level. Below I’ve listed a two services that will help you check your assignments for any spelling or grammar mistakes. These services not only help eliminate errors from your paper, but they also help you become a better writer.

Grammarly (Free)

Their tagline is Better Writing Made Easy and they live up to it. Grammarly is a service that assists you to create better content, but also removes errors from your papers, all while learning in the process. Grammarly is available on multiple devices but I prefer to use it within my Chrome browser. It helps write articles such as this one in a fast and easy manner. You can either copy and paste your paper to Grammarly or you can just start writing and it will automatically pick up any errors along the way. Grammarly is also free. No cost, no free trial, just free! There is also premium version that goes the extra mile and checks for an extra 150 points of grammar.

Paper Rater

Like Grammarly, PaperRater helps users make the best out of their assignments. The service cleans up any grammar issues and spelling mistakes. Paper Rater is free, but if you have more than 5 pages to check you will need to upgrade to their Standard Plan which will cost $7.99 a month. Paper Rater has it’s limitations but if you are looking for a quick check on your assignment without the need of downloading any software or signing up for an account then it’s your best option.


In college it is common to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. There are hundreds of ways to de-stress yourself, but if you’re looking for an escape then I would recommended Netflix or Hulu. Watching your favorite TV shows or movie can melt away all that tension. With the number of assignments and workload, it is important that you have an hour or two just to just whine down.

Netflix (Free for 30 days)

After a long day in school, getting a Netflix fix is all you need to feel relaxed. Netflix has become a household name and for very good reason too. Not only is it the most popular streaming services on the web but it is the most convenient platform to access with over 30 plus compatible devices. So get your all your stress out with a few of your favorite TV shows or a movie or two. Netflix comes a 30 day free trial. You will need a credit card to sign up, but if you’re not satisfied with the service you can simply cancel your account within the 30 day trail period and not be charged.

Hulu ( Free/Free trial)

If you don’t want to pay for an online TV and movie streaming service, then Hulu would be your best choice. With the free version of Hulu you will be limited to the content you can view but being on a college budget it is probably the best you can do. If you spare a few bucks every month, then you should check out Hulu Plus which gives you access to hundreds of shows and access to episodes that have just aired on TV. Hulu Plus comes with a free trial offer. The number of days may vary depending on the offer that is selected. Check out their promotions here.

Utalizing the free services above College students can start off the school year with some confidence and a helping hand. Which ones have you already tried and which are the ones you will look forward to checking out?

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