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Cloak is a simple way to keep your computer and your information safe while using public WiFi spots, also known as Hotspots. Cloak is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that encrypts all traffic so hackers or identity thieves won’t be able to access your information. Whether you travel for business or you like to hangout at coffee shops most people like to stay connected online. Using Hotspots can help you do that when your on the go. This is where the Cloak app comes in handy by keeping your information safe while accessing open networks . Using an open networks (WiFi) in a public setting may put your information in the wrong hands. Cloak simply encrypts the traffic which creates a safe environment to surf and play.

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When your on-the-go, staying connected can be a hassle especially with slow data connections. You can find Hotspots in hotels, coffee shops, airports, malls and even parks. Unfortunately, you won’t know what bad apples are lurking around, ready to pounce on your banking details, personal identity or other delicate data. With Cloak, you can feel safe and rest your mind at ease knowing that you are securely connected using their VPN.

Cloak is available on all Apple products: iPhones, iPod touchs, Macs and iPads. Unfortunately, this is not available on Windows or Android devices. However it is reported that the company has some plans in the future to bring their services to to all devices.

I’ve listed the top benefits of using Cloak VPN.

  • Cloak is simple to use. With a hit of a button you are securely connected to browse the web.
  • Their service is available on both Macs and iOS devices via their app. Their app is free.
  • This premium VPN service can be used anywhere in the world.
  • If any websites are blocked when using public WiFi, Cloak will remove the block giving the user full access to the site.
  • With one account you can be protected on all your devices.

I have also listed some drawbacks.

  • Their services is ONLY available for Apple devices.
  • There is a monthly quota. Once the user has reached their monthly quota of gigabytes they will no longer be securely connected.
  • Prices are fair but the gigabyte amount on each plan can be higher.


There are three main plans that are catered to all different groups of people based on their personal usage. The chart below is a breakdown of each plan.

Free Trial Plan - If you want to try out Cloak services before jumping into a monthly subscription plan try out their 30 day free trial offer.5 GB DataFREE for 30 days.
Mini Plan - Most common for users that don't heavily use open WiFi networks.5 GB Data.$1.99 Per Month
Basic Plan - This plan is the most popular and will get the job done if your on the go time to time.25 GB Data.$7.99 Per Month
Pro Plan - If you are constantly using Hotspots/Wifi in public areas this is the plan for you. This is for serious security.60 GB Data.$14.99 Per Month

Free trial.

The Cloak free trial offer is valid for 30 days. The gigabyte quota of 5GB on for the free trial period. Once the users has used the 5 GB of data or 30 days have passed, they will no longer be connected via Cloaks secure connection. The is no need for a credit card to sign up.

Offer Summary.

  • Cost – Free for 30 days
  • Available – Worldwide.
  • Credit Card needed – NO.

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