Student Discounts for Netflix (College Deals)

You’re probably reading this to find out whether or not Netflix offers a student discount towards their monthly subscription plan. The short answer is: No. But don’t be discouraged just yet. As a student, money has to be wisely spent. Everything must be budgeted or you’ll be broke month to month. When it comes to […]

Snapfish Deals and Offers (September)

Grab one of these limited time deals and offers from Snapfish this September and save yourself some money this fall season. If you are one of the many people who taken hundreds of photos throughout the summer but haven’t really done much with them its time to get creative with the help of Snapfish. With […]

Blockbuster Total Access Discounts

Blockbuster Total Access Discounts can be found below. With this offer you can gain access to unlimited movie and game rentals by mail. Members can choose from over 90,000 titles to rent out from. The rentals will arrive in the mail within 3 business days and can be kept as long as you want. Along with unlimited movie […]

Blockbuster Discount – 50% Off Subscription

With the Blockbuster Discount you will receive 50% off the first 2 months of your subscription. With your Blockbuster subscription also known as the “Blockbuster Total Access”, you will be able to rent out unlimited movies and games by mail. Blockbuster has thousands of titles to choose from and also provides movies in Blu-ray. Blockbuster also offers movie selections […]