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Carbonite securely backups all your important files such as photos, documents, spreadsheets, emails and more automatically to the cloud. They also have 15 day free trial offer that you can use to your advantage. All the files are encrypted before leaving your computer so you can be sure that your files are safe in their highly protected data centers. If you have important files and you are thinking of backing them up online, Carbonite would be the most popular and safest choice. I personally have used the free trial offer to test out the service and see whether or not it is any good.

Click here for the Carbonite 15 day free trial offer.

How it works

The process of backing up all your files through Carbonite is fairly simple. Once you have signed up for an account you can download the Carbonite software to your computer. You will be taken through a guided tour in which you will find out how to get started. Once the program has been installed you can either have your files backed up automatically or you can locate the files yourself and have them backed up into your account online. There will be a notification on your task bar indicating that your files are either being transferred or the transfer has been completed. Once the files have been backed up you can easily access them online or through multiple Internet-capable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

So to simplify the process even further, you can simply say that the user must download the software, install it, add the files that the user wants to have backed to their cloud storage account and be capable to view them later online on various devices.

What are the Benefits

There are plenty of online storage services that provide similar options, so why would use Carbonite as your primary backup tool?

  • Well, when it comes to security Carbonite has very high standards. Not only are files protected with a 128-bit Blowfish encryption before they ever leave your computer which is defined as bank-level security but the data centers are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Your files are easily accessible through mobile devices via the CarboniteMobile App which is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.
  • Also, all plans on Carbonite include unlimited space. So regardless how many gigabytes you want to have backed up you’ll never run out of storage. However, if the files are 4GB or higher you would have to manually upload it to your account, it won’t automatically sync up like the rest of the files.
  • The service also provides mirror imaging backup which essentially backs up your entire computer (including your operating system and application) so you can easily restore it if it ever crashes.
  • Carbonite is one the few services that offer Courier Computer backup. This will give you the option to receive a copy of your backup through the mail. This is only available to Home Premier customers that are U.S based.
  • And lastly and probably most important, their customer service is US-based. As a user you can contact them via email, phone or chat with any problems or questions you may have.

What are their Plans?

Plans:HomeHome PlusHome PremierBusinessBusiness Premier
Per Computer
Per Year
Per Computer
Per Year
Per Computer
Per Year
Per Year
Unlimited Computers
Per Year
Unlimited Computers

Each plan comes with specific features and benefits you can read more about the subscription plans here.

Details of the trial offer

During the trial period you can back up and store unlimited amount of files for free. Music and videos are not backed up automatically but you must manually upload them to your account. There is NO credit card needed for the trial offer. The trial will come to an end at the 15 day mark at which point the automatic sync will stop you won’t be able to store any more files on your account. The offer is valid for the Home subscription plan. There is also a 30 day small business trial offer.

Offer Summary:

  • Cost – Free for 15 days
  • Available – Worldwide (Some subscription features are limited to U.S customers only.)
  • Credit Card Needed: NO

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