How to Buy a Subscription to eHarmony and Save Money

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If you want to take the first step to dating online then eHarmony would be a good place to start. You would probably want to do some research on credible dating websites online but most likely you will end up at one the most well-known online dating website on the web –

Many of these subscription based dating sites can cost quite a bit and eHarmony is no different. If you want to save money when buying a subscription to eHarmony I will show you how.

Using promo codes, discount coupons and unique promotional links is a great way to save money regardless of the service you want to obtain. You can apply the same method to save money when buying a subscription to eHarmony.

Below is a chart that illustrates how much you would be saving if you used the promo codes or offer links featured on

 Without a Promo Code (Per Month)WITH a Promo Code (Per Month)SavingsLinks
12 Months$18.95$12.95$72LINK
6 Months$39.95$13.95$156LINK
3 Months$59.95$15.95$132LINK

Step by step instructions on how to buy a eHarmony subscription and save money.

    1. Use one the links above to save money on your eHarmony subscription plan. Once you have selected a subscription plan you want to buy you will be directed to a simple signup page where you will have enter in your name, whether you are interested in a man or a women, your zip code, email address, a password of your choice and where you heard of eHarmony. After entering the required fields click “Find my Matches”.

      Signup page for eHarmony

      eHarmony signup page.

    2. Next, fill out the personality questionnaire. This helps eHarmony find the perfect matches for you based on your answers. The questionnaire shouldn’t take no longer then 20 – 25 minutes. You will have to answer some general questions like how old you are, where you’re from, etc, etc. After the general questions you will answer more personal questions like “How warm/clever/dominant/outgoing/quarrelsome/stable/energetic are you?”. These are answered on scale from: not at all, somewhat and very well as indicated in the image below.

      eHarmony Questionnaire

      Personality Questionnaire.

    3. The questionnaire may take longer than you expected so eHarmony makes it easier for you to come back and resume where you had left off.

      Break from the eHarmony questionnaire.

      Take a break from the personality questionnaire, if needed too.

    4. After 75% of the questionnaire is done eHarmony will start to ask you questions about your appearance, education, yearly income, how you dress, how your style is and your religious practices/beliefs.
    5. Once you have completed the questionnaire you will have to agree to Terms and Condition and also the Privacy Policy of their site. You should see the screen below after you agreed to the TOS/Privacy Policy.

      Getting matched up on eHarmony

      eHarmony Matching

    6. After clicking “continue” you will be brought to the eHarmony subscription page. This is where you can select the plan that you desire. At this point you should see discounted prices on the subscription plans. Enter in any promotional code if needed too and then click go. Once the promo code has been updated the prices on the plans should adjust automatically.

      Discounted eHarmony subscription plans.

      Discounted prices for eHarmony subscription plans.

    7. After selecting your desired plan you will have to pay for it on the following page. You will need to enter in your full name, billing address and credit card information. You will be charged for the first month as soon as you click submit.

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