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AVG is a well-known antivirus software that protects users from getting nasty viruses, malware, worms, and Trojans while browsing the Internet or simply using their computer. There are millions and millions of computers that are infected everyday with various viruses that were designed to take confidential information or to do harm to your operating system. Whether you own an PC or a Mac, this premium software can protect your system 24/7. Not only will AVG protect your computer from malicious viruses but it will detect and remove worms, Trojans and various other bugs that may already exist on your computer. It can also assist you while shopping, banking, social networking and downloading online all with confidence. The award winning antivirus software also offers a 30 day free trial to new users. Whether or not you have an antivirus presently installed on your computer you can always try out AVG and see if it is up to your standards.

When purchasing AVG or using their free trial you are gaining protection, privacy, high performance and support. Each of these factors are broken down below.


  • Stopping viruses before they infect your computer is exactly what the premium antivirus offers. But they provide much more than that. The software protects you before you click a link on Facebook or emails, checks files before you open them and warns your about website before you visit them.
  • Along with the antivirus you get a collective batch of protectors:

AntiMalware (Resident Shield), Anti-Rootkit, Email Scanner, Protective Cloud Technology, Community Protection Network, LinkScanner® Surf-Shield, Social Networking Protection

These tools are all part of the AVG Internet Security 2013 software.

  • Now of days, we use our phones a lot more than we use our computers. And so, it is as in important to have a secure and protected smartphone in our daily lives. With AVG mobilation, the free Android app, you can be confident that your phone is protected and secure. 


  • Having your personal and financial information secure is vital when surfing on the web. As the tools work in the background you can shop and bank online with peace of mind.
  • The features that the antivirus offers will keep your identity safe from any spyware or adware along with scammers and spammers.
  • Your WiFi is also protected from hackers that may try to use your network for illegal activity.


  • Scanning for any bugs or viruses on your operating system will be quick and won’t have any hiccups. Most software may slow down your computer however AVG Turbo Scan and Smart Scanner was designed to run in the background without any lags.
  • AVG Quick Time will free up your computer from anything that is slowing it down. This feature gives your computer a boost and will mostly likely make your computer faster.


  • AVG support is available 24/7, 365 days a year by phone or email. If you have any questions or trouble with the software shoot them an email or give them a call. They will assist you with any problems that you may have.
  • Besides the customer support, the software was designed to help you complete tasks  as the user with a easy to understand interface.

These are the some of the many ways that the premium antivirus can be beneficial to you. Keeping your information, your computer and your identity safe should be a priority when it comes to surfing on the Internet. The video below sums up pretty much what I have written above, this will give you a better and quicker understanding on how it can help you.

How much does AVG cost?

The question of how much the antivirus cost seems to asked quite a lot online. It cost $39.99 for 1 year of protection and security on 1 computer in your household. There is also AVG Free that doesn’t cost a penny for a lifetime of use but it does not have the optimal features as paid version has.

Here are the free trial details.

Before you download the software make sure if your computer meets the system requirements.

After downloading and registering the software you will gain a 30 day free trial in which your computer will be fully protected. You will NOT need a credit card to register the software. After the 30 day trial period you will be bumped down to AVG FREE which does not have the premium features and tools as the paid version. You can purchase the software at anytime and if you feel as though the Antivirus is not up to par there is 100% money back guarantee.

Click here to receive the AVG Antivirus 30 day free trial offer.

Offer Summary:

  • Cost – Free for 30 days.
  • Available – Worldwide
  • Credit Card Needed – NO

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