Student Deals: 30 Day Free Trial of Hulu Plus

Students can now receive a 30 day free trial of Hulu Plus by using their college email address when signing up. If your a student at a University or College you can gain access to unlimited streaming of movies and current seasons of TV shows free for 1 month through Hulu Plus.

Cheapest Music Streaming Services on the Web

Choosing the right music streaming service may be hard. You may have to consider multiple factors such as, the number of tracks available, the features they offer, if there is an offline option and of course, price. I was one of the many consumers wondering what the cheapest online music streaming service was. After some […]

3 Services You Should Never Pay for on the Web

I am always looking for a way to save money, whether that’s in real life or online. When surfing the web I try my best to save every penny. It is so much more easier to save money online rather than in stores. So, before I buying any online, I think twice. I ask myself […]