Netflix signs Streaming Deal with DreamWorks

Netflix is back in the news again but this time they have some good news for a change. Netflix has gone through a couple of downfalls the last few months due to the sudden changes to their service (price increase). But now they could provide some new goodies (films) for their subscribers with a DreamWorks […]

eHarmony HD – Mobile Dating App for the iPad (Video)

Just yesterday, eHarmony HD – the Mobile Dating App was released on to iTunes for the iPad. Eharmony is a well-known for there trusted and very popular online dating site and now they have branched off their brand into the App world. Not only is this iPad app well designed but its creative and very user-friendly. […]

Qwikster: Rebranded Netflix DVD Rental Service

So the last two months have been pretty hectic for Netflix. Customers have been angrily blogging, tweeting and Facbooking their feelings on the recent and sudden changes that have been happening with their beloved Netflix. The price of there services has gone up, the Netflix interface (title removed from instant queue) has changed overnight and now they’re splitting up […]

Where are the Goods?

So that question arises quite a bit in the emails that receives. The simple short answer would be – there are not alot of  “goods” out there. We currently have a few free trials and offers on but no where near the number we would like to have. The reason for the lack of offers is due to […]

Gamemine Game Rental

Game Mine services has closed and is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience. Try out GameMine video game rental service where you can buy, trade and rent videos games all for low monthly price of $8.99 which is half the cost of GameFly. For gamers, having a subscription to a gaming community website that allows you […]