Launches Unlimited Monthly Plan

By - has launched a monthly plan which will allow users to stream audio books for a flat cost of $24.95 a month. provides services to stream audio books through their website or mobile app. started in 2003 but has recently announced their unlimited streaming plan.

On their unlimited streaming plan users will be able to listen to audio books from the cloud on demand, have thousands of titles to choose from and have the capability to switch between listening on portable/mobile devices. is very similar to Audible (owned by Amazon), although there is a major difference between both services. Audible is built with a credit system which allows users to download a certain amount of audiobooks per month, while allows users to stream unlimited amount of audiobooks per month. However, only offers 10,000 titles to choose from, while Audible offers over 100,000 titles. Something that Audible does not offer is the ability to sample each audio book, this would give users to hear the narration of the book before streaming them. As a user, you won’t be able to download any of the audio books but you will be able to stream them via Internet connection.

Regardless of the content, unlimited plans tend to be very appealing to consumers, such examples of unlimited services would be: Netflix, Spotify and Rhapsody. Unlimited plans usually come with free trial offer. This premium streaming audio book service provides a 7 day free trial offer for all new users. Check out and start your streaming.

via: Mashable

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  1. Try to find this offer on their website. They only offer 1 or 2 per month. I signed up for this and listened to too many books so their computer cancels you account! What a horrible company.

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