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Audible free trial gets you their premium audiobook services for 30 days along with 1 free audiobook download. Try their service today and you can save up to 70% off of CD audiobooks, gain access to members-only promotions and receive a free daily audio subscription to the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.

What is this service:

Audible is a online store to purchase digital audiobooks and more. With over 100, 000 titles to choose from they have the largest collection of digital audiobooks to purchase and download online. Books in audio format from the best selling authors, interrupted by top narrators are regularly featured. They also provide radio shows, podcast, stand up comedy shows, speeches, pop culture and worldwide news.

In 1998 Audible launched their website where you could download audio properties in .aa format. Soon after the company made an exclusive deal with Apple which would allow them to place audiobooks on iTunes. Operation of their services is currently run by Amazon since they bought them for 300 million dollars in 2008. Audible was also one of the first to introduce digital audio players back in 1997. Membership-only service also offers educational section of audiobooks which covers lectures, teaching aids, study guides and more for multiple subjects across the board. They also additionally provides software/app called Audible Air which allows you to download audiobooks wirelessly straight to your phone, tablet or 500 other compatible devices. This eliminates the process of downloading to your computer and then uploading to your devices.


Audible has two monthly plans but four different plans in total.

  • AudibleListener Gold monthly plan gives you 1 credit monthly and cost $7.49 for the first 3 months and then $14.95 afterwards.
  • AudibleListener Platinum monthly plan gets you 2 credits a month and cost $22.95 monthly. Each credit gets you one audiobook download. The images below gives you a break-down of the monthly and yearly plans. We cannot display this gallery

Free Trial Details:

The Audible free trial offer is for 30 days and includes 1 free credit which is equivalent to 1 free audiobook. Members will also receive a 30% discount on future purchase along side with a complimentary subscription to the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. You will not be charged if you decide to cancel your membership any time during the 30 day trial period. If you decide to continue with their services you will be charged monthly or yearly depending on the membership plan you choose. The 30 day free trail is only available to first time members and certain former members of Audible. You can cancel your membership with them at any time, no obligation.


Click Here for the Audible Free Trial


Offer Summary:

  • Offer: Audible
  • Cost: FREE for 30 Days
  • Credit Card Needed: Yes (Will Not be charged during 30 day trail period)
  • Available in: United States, Canada, UK, Worldwide
  • Expires: N/A

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