‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Release Date to Be Announced Soon [UPDATED]

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According to the latest tweet from the Netflix UK Twitter account, season 4 of Arrested Development global launch date and details will be announced soon. There were early reports that the series was going to be revived by Netflix back in 2011. Arrested Development is known to have a cult following even though the sitcom had short life span. The hit show premiered in 2003 on the FOX Network and came to end in 2006.

Arrested Development Twitter Announcement

It was in November of 2011 when FOX and Imagine Television signed a deal to bring back the show that starred many future stars like Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi and David Cross.

With a star cast and classic hilarity scenes you can expect Arrested Development to be one the most viewed series on Netflix. There will be 14 new episodes in the season which will run for 30 minutes each. All 14 episodes will be released at the same time so you can watch each episode back to back. That’s about 420 minutes of comedy-goodness. For the time being you can signup for Netflix and watch a vast collection of movies and TV shows. To get the latest updates on Arrested Development make sure to follow Netflix on Twitter on their UK account.

Also If your a fan of the show you may want to consider pitching in on the funding to create the Arrested Development Movie on Kickstarter. The film will be a documentary about the show and the cult-following it has.

You can find the global launch date and details of the announcement at the bottom of this post, stay tuned! 


It is now confirmed that the official release date of the fourth season of Arrested Development will be May 26th, 2013. On top of that it was mentioned on the Netflix Twitter Account that there will be an extra episode which in total makes 15 new episodes!

The episodes will be released exactly at 12:01 AM PDT to the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Nordics, Brazil and Latin America.

Below is an “Final Countdown” image that was tweeted with the announcement. You can now also follow the official Twitter account of Arrested Development @arresteddev.

The countdown begins

image: Steven Ray Brown

poster image: The Final Countdown Begins.

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