American Horror Story Now Available on Netflix

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If your into creepy, scary, heart-racing, sexy thrillers then you’ll be excited to know that the critically-acclaimed show American Horror Story is now on Netflix! The FX show is one the scariest shows on television and it follows the Harmon family as they make their journey to California into a mysterious, hunted, evil house. After moving from Boston the family just wants to settle in and make the house feel like a home but what they don’t know is that the house is hunted by it’s previous residents.

With many twisted hot scenes the show is an attention grabber.

This will be a yet another addition to the line of shows that have been added to Netflix in the past year. American Horror story will only be available for US Netflix subscribers only. There is no indication whether or not it will be available in Canada, South America or the UK any time soon. If you want to watch American Horror Story online, on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, tablets) or on a gaming console you can start viewing the first full season starting from today. If you don’t have Netflix and would like to join to watch endless amount of TV shows and movies then try out their 30 day free trial offer today.

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