8 Ways to Get Extra Free Space on Dropbox

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Dropbox allows users to sync and share documents, photos, videos and files from compatible devices (computers, tablets and phones) to the cloud. When you signup for a free account on Dropbox you are given 2 GB of free storage but there are ways to get up to 25 GB for absolutely for free! You are most likely here to get the most out of Dropbox. So here are 5 ways to get extra space on the most popular cloud storage website.

Once you have signed up, navigate your way here (https://www.dropbox.com/getspace). The Get Space page showcases the amount of space you currently have and the ways you can increase your storage space by complete short tasks.

Get Space

1. Get 250 MB of free storage by completing the Dropbox Tour.

Go to the “Getting Started” page found here: https://www.dropbox.com/gs. There you will see 5 steps you must complete to get 250 MB of free storage. These tasks are basic and don’t acquire that much attention. Below is an outline of brief tasks:

  • Take Dropbox Tour (quick tour explaining what the services does and how it can help you).
  • Install Dropbox on your computer.
  • Upload some files (any will do) to the Dropbox folder.
  • If you have any other computers it is suggested that you install their software on there as well.
  • Once you have completed the simple task above it is also suggested that you share folders with friends and colleagues.

2. Connect your Facebook Account to get for 125 MB of free storage.

Simply connect your Facebook account to your Dropbox and you’ll receive an extra 125 MB of free storage. Once you are logged into Facebook, you will be asked for permission to get access to your public profile and friend list. Click “Okay”. On the next screen they will ask to post to your friends wall on your behalf. I would suggest that you click “Skip” when it comes to this option however you must click “Okay” to receive the extra storage space.

3. Receive 125 MB of free storage by connecting Dropbox to Twitter.

Connecting your Twitter account to Dropbox requires little work if any. Click on the link to connect your Twitter account on the Get free space page and simply sign in to your Twitter account, then click “Authorize App”. The app will not access your direct messages or see your Twitter password.

4. Follow Dropbox on Twitter to get 125 MB of free storage.

On the “Get More Space” page click on the link that says “Follow Dropbox on Twitter”. If you haven’t logged into Twitter it will prompt you to do so.

5. Tell them why you love their services for 125 MB of free Space.

There are a plenty of reasons to love Dropbox services and the company would love to know why. Tell them why you love their services in 90 characters or less and you will receive 125 MB of free.

6. Tweet about your love for Dropbox and receive yet another 125 MB on your account.

After you have proclaimed your love of their services a new task will appear on the page. If you tweet about your love of Dropbox you will gain an additional 125 MB of space on your account. You can edit the tweet before you send it out.

7. Get free space for using Camera Upload (Up to 3 GB of space).

Gain up to 3 GB on your account when using the camera upload feature on their app. Obtaining this extra space may take some time but most of the work will be done in the background as you snap away pics on your phone. Here are the initial steps to get 500 MB of space for every 500 MB amount of photos are uploaded to your account.

  • Download the Dropbox App on iOS or Android.
  • Open the app –> Go to settings –> Scroll down to Camera Upload –>> Turn on Camera Upload
  • Make sure to only upload photos using Wi-Fi. You can find this option in the same section.
  • Take a pic and it will automatically be synced to your account through your phone. Completing this action will bump up your storage space with an extra 500 MB.
  • Once you have uploaded over 500 MB of photos and videos you will get an additional 500 MB. This will continue till you have hit your cap of 3 GB of space for this task.

You can find more information on the Camera Upload feature here.

8. Get 500 MB for every friend you refer.

Referring your friends, family or colleagues to Dropbox will get you an extra 500 MB per person. Navigate your way to the referrals page and send out your invites. The cap is 16 GB for the referral program.

So these are the 8 ways to get extra free space/storage on Dropbox. You can complete these tasks and gain some extra gigabytes on the first day you sign up. You can confirm that you have received the extra storage by clicking on settings and checking your storage amount.

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