5 Tips to Get the Most out of the Free Spotify Plan

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Spotify has a few plans you can choose from. The two most common subscription plans that are available are the free and premium. If you are interested in music streaming and want to avoid downloading mp3 songs from shady websites, then Spotify is one the best services you can sign up for. There are plenty of other music streaming services out there, but out of the bunch, Spotify is my favourite.

However, the music streaming service does come at a cost. For the premium subscription plan, users will have to cough up $10 a month. This is the industry standard price across the web. The free plan, of course is free! There are plenty of limitations, but using the 5 tips I’ve listed below can help you enjoy the music streaming service without feeling the restrictions… all that much.

If you want to listen to your favourite tracks without paying a dime, the free plan comes in handy. The free plan doesn’t have all the perks, like, unlimited skips, download for offline listening and streaming to third party devices, but it will do just fine if you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription. You can read more about the pros and cons of Spotify Premium here.

Here are 5 tips to get the most out of the Spotify free plan:

  1. Know how many skips you have. Knowing the number of skips you have is crucial when listening to a playlist. Most users get around 6 skips. After that, they will be notified to upgrade to the premium plan. So the tip here is to count! Ask yourself, is a song deserves a skip or not. Can you withstand the horrible song or would you rather listen to what’s next. Either way, count your skips!
  2. Listen to songs again by favouriting them. If you want to replay a song, chances are you won’t be able to unless you had favourited the song.  In that case all you would have to do is go back to your library. Now, you won’t be able to directly start playing the song, but you would have to hit shuffle. The more songs you have in your library the less chance you will be able to listen to the track immediately.
  3. Watch the Advertising video! I can’t recommended this enough. When you first open the Spotify app and hit shuffle, you will be presented with a quick ad. Usually, these advertisements last about a 15 seconds or less. But, at the end, a voice will come over and ask “Watch this video to receive 30 minutes of ad free listening”. Watch the ad! It’s so simple. Watch an ad for 1 minute and enjoy your favourite tunes for 30 minutes. I think this is a good trade off
  4. Sign up for the free trial. If you already have a Spotify account and have not tried out their premium services, you’ll be happy to know that you can try it out for free. Spotify offers a 30 day free trial for first time users. This isn’t a true tip, however this could bring you 30 days of a premium music streaming service. Most cases, you won’t need a credit card to sign up. You can also sign up using PayPal if they ask for billing information.
  5. Connect with friends. Being on the free plan you are limited to many features but one feature is still fully available for all users: adding friends. If you know your friends usernames, you can add them to your profile. Once you’ve added your friends’ will see what music your friends are listening to. Some information is private, but most is not. So snoop away at your friends favourite tracks and guilty pleasures.

These tips will help out with the limitations to the free plan. It’s not the perfect substitute, but it will definitely help. The most important tip is to watch the one minute video advertisement, you will get the most out of the Spotify free plan this way.

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